The Pianist Of Willesden Lane Tickets

Due to overwhelming success of the Chicago premiere, The Pianist of Willesden Lane has given an extension in the Royal George Theater. The Chicago audiences have been impressed by Mona's unique style of musical storytelling. On top of this, the director, Hershey Felder has also appreciated her excellent display of musicianship in the play.

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The Pianist of Willesden Lane


Hershey Felder

Running time:

90 minutes

The Pianist of Willesden Lane is a spectacular musical tribute by Mona Golabek to her Jewish mother, Lisa Jura. Directed and produced by Hershey Felder, the one-woman play tells how music can help us live through the rough patches of life.

About Mona Golabek

Based on the book titled The Children of Willesden Lane, The Pianist of Willesden Lane play is hosted by a talented author and concert pianist, Mona Golabek. After winning the Young Concert Artists International Auditions in 1972, Mona was invited to give her first recital at the Carnegie Hall in New York City. The award-winning artist continued to play piano in London and Rome before winning the 1980 Avery Fisher Grant. With the joint efforts of the Annenberg Foundation and the Milken Family Foundation, Mona's book has now been included in the American school curricula. The Grammy nominee has worked with several leading conductors around the globe and performed at leading venues including the Kennedy Center, Hollywood Bowl and the Royal Festival Hall. Mona also hosts a syndicated radio show called The Romantic Hours which is a great blend of music and poetry. Moreover, she is the founder of Hold On To Your Music Foundation that spreads awareness regarding the power of music in harsh times. Besides the beautiful voice, Mona also owns a very generous heart. Along with her sister Renee Golabek-Kaye, she has hosted The Carnival of the Animals and donated the proceeds to the charitable organizations such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The recital included Ogden Nash's famous poetry on animals with Saint-Saëns's music playing in the backdrop.

The Plot

The Pianist of Willesden Lane unveils the true life story of a young Jewish pianist, Lisa Jura who aspired to make a concert debut at the Musikverein concert hall. In light of the new ordinances under the Nazi regime, Lisa was taken away by the kindertransport few months before the outbreak of World War II. Even though when most things were not in favor of Lisa, she still kept her passion for music alive. Set in London and Vienna in 1938, Golabek unveils the deepest and darkest secrets of her mother's life in a way that keeps the audience completely engrossed in the play.

The Live Experience

The Pianist of Willesden Lane musical reminds theater lovers of the power of music that enriched the most difficult days of Lisa's life. Besides the story being colorful and wonderful, Mona is an incredible pianist who knows how to work the audience. In the end, she creates deeply affecting moments by playing the notes for all Jewish pianists who could not reach the Willesden Lane. Despite the turbulent times portrayed in the story, the musical yet has an exciting and enticing feel to it. The theater lovers are rushing to secure The Pianist of Willesden Lane tickets because young people and adults can very well relate to this tale.


Five Reason to watch the show:

  1. Mona Golabek has revealed her mother's story in a way that nobody else can emulate.
  2. Young people and adults leave the house with damp eyes because they can closely relate to Lisa's story.
  3. Theatergoers are ready to wait for as long as forty five minutes in the line up to share their thoughts on the show.
  4. The musical debuted at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in April 2012.
  5. According to, it is “…arresting, deeply affecting undiluted privilege to witness.”