The Mentalist Tickets

With a unique blend of mindreading, magic and comedy, The Mentalist gives a new dimension to live entertainment. Mindboggling acts combined with illusions and audience engagement sets the stage for an interactive show experience. The show features highly talented and entertaining, Gerry McCambridge. Through his night shows at V Theatre, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Gerry has been entertaining hordes of people in Las Vegas for the past eight years. With a number of shows lined up for the season, The Mentalist invites you for a crazy night of fun, humor, magic and much more. Be prepared as you’ll never guess how Gerry knew the name of your pet and other quirky facts!


The Mentalist

Creator and Presenter:

Gerry McCambridge


V Theatre Upstairs, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

About Gerry McCambridge

The creator and presenter of the show, Gerry McCambridge was fascinated by magic at a young age and he studied the art as a hobby. Learning some of the observational techniques from his father who was a known detective, Gerry planned his early shows by mixing mindreading with magic. He presented his first show at twelve and was praised for his well-timed tricks. By the time he was fifteen, he was already touring around the US for his live shows.

With passing years, Gerry expanded his vision and talents by studying acting, body language, linguistics, memory techniques, stand-up and hypnosis. Combining all of these elements into one fresh format, he created a new series and presented his shows in New York City. Winning the hearts and admiration of thousands, he won some of the most honorable awards from organizations such as Psychic Entertainment Association. In 2002, he pitched the idea of creating a television series based on his show which was instantly picked by NBC. The Mentalist TV show premiered in 2004 and became an international hit.

Gerry McCambridge’s career soared with time and he became one of the most popular performers. In 2005, he became a headliner at the hottest entertainment destination, Las Vegas. The hype of The Mentalist spread across the country and Gerry entertained millions of visitors during Fortune 500 Corporations events as well as his private show engagements. In 2007, he started his special reality show with the name of Phenomenon. Gerry has also showcased his talents on popular television shows such as The Today Show and Late Show with David Letterman. Currently, he regularly headlines his shows in Vegas besides reaching out to ‘A-List’ gatherings, whereas, his three decades long career shows no signs of slowing down.

Show Highlights

The Mentalist combines the elements of magic, onstage antics and comedy for a great live show experience. Gerry McCambridge performs different illusions and amazes the attendees with his exceptional mindreading techniques. The interactive format of the show involves the audiences and entertains them to the fullest. The show becomes even more interesting when Gerry guesses a volunteer’s secret which they haven’t told anyone for years.

Experience of its kind

For the past eight years, The Mentalist has been one of the most attended shows in Las Vegas. The Mentalist tickets have always been in a great demand due to the exclusive format and popularity of the show. With the extension in Gerry McCambridge’s residency at V Theatre, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, a number of new shows have been lined up for the season as well as the coming year. Attend one of its shows for a great night out.


Did You Know…

  • The Mentalist is the longest running show of its kind in Las Vegas.
  • In 1999, Gerry McCambridge became the first mentalist to win Merlin Award for Mentalist of the Decade.
  • In 2004, Psychic Entertainment Association presented him an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism.
  • The Mentalist was named one of the Top 10 Absolutely Have To See Las Vegas shows in 2009.
  • In 2012, The Mentalist topped the Las Vegas Review Journal’s poll for Best Bargain Show in all of Las Vegas.