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The Backyardigans are back on stage and this time their adventures are sea deep. Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, Austin and Uniqua have a lot of singing and dancing to do as they play in the octopus garden. Join in the fun of jellyfish ballet and explore a beautiful coral reef. They have to discover magic, explore the clues and meet different animals who will make their journey even more exciting. The music featured on the show is as diverse as can be; pop, psychedelic soul, bossa nova, Bollywood and more. Based on the popular TV series, this new theatrical stage production of The Backyardigans is fun not only for preschool kids but also for the adults who accompany them.

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Show Name:

The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure


Koba Entertainment


Pablo, Uniqua, Austin, Tyrone and Tasha

Sea Deep in Adventure

A production of Koba Entertainment, The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure is one of the many delightful productions by the company. Dora the Explorer Live!, the Marshmallow Moon, Quest for the Extraordinary Aliens, The Backyardigans’ Musical Playdate, Toopy and Bingo and Search for the City of Lost Toys are some of the other wonderful productions. While watching the exciting adventures of The Backyardigans on television screens is fun, on stage they look even more amazing. That is why The Backyardigans tickets are a favorite of all parents who want to provide quality entertainment to their young ones.

Cast and Creative of The Backyardigans

Artistic director of the show is Patti Caplette who has added the element of uniqueness to the show with a Broadway-styled choreography. In addition, the live theatrical’s creative team also includes members from the original television series; Evan Lurie as the composer and Beth Kates as the projection designer.

Among the five lovely characters of the show is Pablo who is a cute little penguin. He is enthusiastic and energetic but not the sprightliest of the five. Uniqua is an adventurous, unique character who is sweet, funny, mischievous and graceful with purple skin and pink spots. Tyrone is a young moose who is sensible and easy-going. He is Pablo’s best friend. Austin is a young kangaroo who is a little shy but he is always there to help his friends. And last but not the least, Tasha is a girly hippo who is sweet and skeptical yet is tough as a nail who knows how to get her way. She and Uniqua are the giggly playmates who have a lot of fun when they are together.    

The Backyardigans TV Series

The Backyardigans is an animated musical series featuring the adventures of the five main characters. The series is produced for children with ages 2-10 and airs on a number of Nickelodeon channels.  Each episode features the five lovely characters using their imagination to turn their backyard into a fantastic landscape where they find themselves embarking on epic quests and exciting journeys. The TV series is aired in more than 40 countries because of its popularity, with a viewership counting in millions.

The Backyardigans Experience

The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure is a fun-filled show for the whole family. This production is as delightful for adults as it is for children. The live show has come as a wonderful opportunity for kids to watch the adventures of their favorite characters right in front of them. The excitement is non-stop and there are surprises at every turn. There are beautiful songs, engaging stories and exciting adventures that kids are sure to love. Booths selling The Backyardigans merchandise are also set up at the live shows so that little ones can go home with something to remember the show with. Parents and adults have described The Backyardigans tickets to be money perfectly spent because the joy and laughter of kids from watching the show is simply priceless.


Fun Facts

  • The next performance of the Backyardigans is going to be Escape de la Aldea Magica!
  • Uniqua is not only the name of the character but also describe her species.
  • In North America alone, almost one million people (kids and adults alike) tune in to watch each episode of The Backyardigans.
  • The Backyardigans’ TV series have won a Gemini and an Emmy Award.
  • Wormans and Dragons are among the secondary characters of the show.