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The Eisenhower Theater located in Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is announcing to hold multiple presentations of the musical, Side Show. Recent shows have been held throughout La Jolla Playhouse and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. These shows were brought forth by Bill Condon, the Oscar winning director who reinvented Bill Russell’s musical. Winning the hearts of theater lovers all over America, Side Show tickets are expected to bring forth a tremendous turnout of audiences.

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The Venue

The upcoming series of shows are expected to take place at the renowned performing arts center situated near to the Potomac River in Washington D.C. The idea to build a literary arts center was put forth by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1935 plans were drawn and a small auditorium was constructed, however it wasn’t until 1971 that the building was formally created. Since then the facility has organized and hosted countless ballet, dance, theater, folk and popular music, chamber and jazz events, that have been witnessed by thousands. Serving as home to the National Symphony Orchestra, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is currently celebrating its 41th season. The center provides a total of eight halls and theaters amongst which the main ones include the Concert Hall, the Opera House and the Eisenhower Theater. Known to host intimate shows, the Eisenhower Theater provides seating capacity for 1163 people. The facility is inviting theater lovers this season to witness upcoming shows of the popular musical, Side Show.

About Side Show

Written by Bill Russell, Side Show’s music has been composed by Henry Krieger. Making its Broadway debut back in 1997, the musical held 91 shows performing at the Richard Rogers Theater. Being based on the life story of two conjoined twins named Violet and Daisy Hilton, who became popular due to their circus acts back in the thirties, the musical presented actors namely Emily Skinner playing Daisy and Alice Ripley playing Violet. With positive responses, the musical received nomination for four prestigious Tony Awards in 1998 for the categories of “Best Musical”, “Best Performance by a Leading Actress”, “Best Book of a Musical” and “Best Original Score”. It was also nominated for a Drama Desk Award for “Outstanding Actress in a Musical” in the same year. With this the musical established record of being the first for which two actresses were nominated for a Tony Award as a team. These two actresses were also seen performing the most popular number from the musical “I Will Never Leave You” at the 1998 Tony Awards Ceremony.

The original cast of the 1998 Broadway production included actors namely Norm Lewis, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro and Ken Jennings. Most of these actors went onto enjoy successful careers, working in popular theatrical productions. While Ken Jennings was seen in “Urinetown”, Norm Lewis worked in “Les Miserables”, “The Wild Party” and “The Little Mermaid”, Hugh Panaro acted in “Lestat” and “Phantom of the Opera” and lastly J. Robert Spencer was seen in productions namely “Next to Normal” and “Jersey Boys”.

Synopsis of Side Show

The musical presents the story of two conjoined twins who are approached by talent scout, Terry Connor to become part of a circus. Agreeing to perform for one show only, Violet and Daisy Hilton’s debut performance becomes a big success. However when the twins are about to leave, the boss of the circus threatens to cause physical pain and demands for them to stay. Foster, who is an aspiring musician at the circus, along with other attractions of the circus also threatens to leave, if the boss harms the twins in any manner. With this, Violet and Daisy are seen bidding farewell to the owner. Connor and Foster then get together with the twins to perform their debut vaudeville show where reporters from all over the country join the crowd. The second half of the musical presents the twins at the height of their stardom. However, Violet who wishes for a normal, happy life, isn’t as happy as Daisy whose lifelong dream was to achieve fame. Will Violet meet the man of her dreams and enjoy the life she has longed for? Or will success drive the twins apart? The Side Show musical has been entertaining audiences for years now with its dramatic storyline.


Did You Know?

  • The debut post-Broadway production of the Side Show occurred in 1998 and was produced by a professional theater company located in San Francisco.          
  • Actors that worked in the post-Broadway production included Kistrin Behrendt, Debra Wiseman, AJ Vincent, Pierce Peter Brandt, Stephonne Smith and Ron Josef Meier.
  • The original actors Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley have released two albums containing duets and live recordings of their concerts.
  • In 1999 an organization named “Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Artists League” showcased a production of the show. It received the Denver Mayor’s Award for Excellence.
  • In 2008, an abridged version of the musical was staged in Washington D.C. by Broadway: Three Generations. This production presented actors namely Mac von Essen, Bobby Steggert, Lisa Brescia and Jenn Colella.