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One of the Bard’s most famous plays ‘Richard III’ continues to be a success in present times as well. Recently, it returned to captivate the audiences at the West End. Not only did the literary classic prove to be a commercial hit but it also received rave reviews by the critics. Now the delightful production is coming to enthrall the audiences across the Atlantic. Due to the limited availability of Richard III tickets, fans are eager to book their seats for the show in advance.

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Shakespeare’s play ‘Richard III’ has been enacted by various companies over the centuries. A classic, its fame spreads over geographical boundaries. It has been widely read, enacted on stage, as well as produced for small and the big screen. The recent production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was a major hit. Combining the extraordinary work of literature with outstanding acting , the recent production is not to be missed. 


Richard III

Run Time:

2 hours and 50 min


Mark Rylance, Samuel Barnett, Roger Lloyd Pack, Stephen Fry, Paul Chahidi

Unique Features

What sets the ‘Richard III’ production apart is that it has been performed keeping  in style with the era it was conceived in. Just like in Shakespeare’s times (add era) the cast solely includes male actors who play both the male and female roles. Also, keeping in mind early theater practices, the stage is lit with candles only and doesn’t make use of any special lighting effects. Over a hundred candles are lit on stage to achieve the dramatic effect required for the play.

Another novel feature of the production is its revival of the custom of actors getting ready for the play on stage as part of the pre show. Additionally, in accordance with the conventional practice of the era, the music is played live using traditional instruments from the time the play was written. All of these and more distinctive features make the show a crowd pleasing production.


The tragic play tells the story of the villainous Duke of Gloucester, Richard. He desires to be the King of England and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He uses treachery without mercy and is not hesitant in killing even his own brother. In achieving his wish, Richard uses beguile, injustice and cruelty  as means to reach the top. What sets this famous villain apart is his charisma with which he has risen to be one of Shakespeare’s most popular characters.

Creative Team

The play is produced by Shakespeare’s Globe Company. Well reputed artist, Tim Carroll has directed the production. Music has been given by the company’s resident music director and composer, Claire van Kampen. A well known name in the field, she has been honored with a Vero Nihil Verius Award. Also part of the creative team is the Laurence Olivier Award winner, Jenny Tiramani. She has designed  the set to the last detail, which is reminiscent of the Shakespearean era. 


Reasons to Watch:

  • A literary gem, the play is one of the finest pieces by Shakespeare.
  • The production revives several of the stage traditions which were prevalent in the 1600s.
  • It features a star studded cast and several talented names in the creative team.
  • ‘Richard III’ has already won over both audiences and critics at the West End.
  • The play is believed to be written in the year 1592.