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“Oswald: The Actual Interrogation” is a gripping new theater play written by Dennis Richard which focuses on the tense forty eight hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in which Lee Harvey Oswald was in the custody of the Dallas Police Department. The play is based on actual interrogation notes by Police Chief Will Fritz and focuses on how Oswald reacts to the assassination of the President of the United States.

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Oswald: The Actual Interrogation



Dennis Richard



Crime/Political Drama

Written to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination, the play is a tense drama involving a sort of cat and mouse game between Oswald and his interrogators. To be staged at the Casa Manana in Fort Worth, this is one crime/political drama you simply cannot miss.


On Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead as he has travelling in his Presidential motorcade. He was travelling with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, when he was shot by a sniper. Suffering fatal wounds to the neck and to his head, the 35th President of the United States breathed his last at 1 pm that day. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, initially, for the murder of a policeman, but was later also charged with the assassination of the President. He constantly denied any involvement in both the murders and denied having owned the rifle and pistol with which the President and the police man were shot. But fiber fragments stuck in the rifle matched the clothes Oswald was wearing and other incriminating evidence soon came to light as the police dug deeper. Oswald was assassinated himself, on live television, two days later by Dallas Night Club owner Jack Ruby as he was being led out of the police station to be transported to jail. Ruby claimed to have acted on his own since the Presidents death had upset him and he wanted to spare Mrs. Kennedy from the rigors of a drawn out trial.


The Play focuses on those 48 hours, between Oswald and Kennedy’s deaths and the police interrogation of Oswald. Based on the notes of Police Chief Will Fritz, it seems that Oswald was very calm during the whole interrogation. The investigators got the impression that Oswald was actually trained to handle this kind of rigorous questioning, because he always seemed to have a smile and ready answer for them. It builds up the tension, as you can see the police officers trying to break the man and he keeps on resisting. But if Oswald was lying he was a very convincing liar, a brilliant actor, who stayed calm under a barrage of incriminating evidence and accusations. But if he was telling the truth, then an innocent man was framed for Kennedy’s assassination. Yet Oswald did not offer any viable political motive for the crime or give a credible alibi to save himself. These are some of the points addressed in this tense drama which revolves around one of the most significant moment in American history. With Oswald: The Actual Interrogation tickets you have the chance to see this wonderful play being performed live and witness one of the most dramatic historical sagas in history, unfold live in front of you.


Interesting Facts about Oswald

  1. Oswald had been a member of the US Marine Corps before defecting to the USSR.
  2. Oswald’s firing also struck Governor John Connally, who was also travelling in the same car as Kennedy and suffered several serious injuries as well, but was able to survive.
  3. Oswald also tried to assassinate US Major General Edwin Walker, who was an out spoken anti communist.
  4. While he was being interrogated by Captain William Fritz, Oswald was asked, "Are you a communist?" He replied, "No, I am not a communist. I am a Marxist.”
  5. Oswald's original coffin was auctioned off for over $87,000 in 2010.