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Old Jews Telling Jokes Tickets

Offering the very best in comedy, (add what it is) Old Jews Telling Jokes has entertained audiences through various mediums. The stage adaption finished its successful New York run in mid September after showing for over a year. Now the hilarious production is all set to entertain audiences in Chicago when it opens at the Royal George Theatre, in October. Old Jews Telling Jokes tickets are highly in demand with audiences eager to see the live performance of the series which has already captured the attention of millions

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Steadily growing in popularity, the show has proved to be a runaway success. Not only has it become a commercial hit but has also generated rave reviews. Doing a retake on classic jokes and Jewish comedy, the appeal of the production lies in its style and delivery. Additionally, the show includes fresh content which has also proved to be a hit with the theatergoers. 


Old Jews Telling Jokes


Renee Matthews, Gene Weygandt, Dara Cameron,Tim Kazurinsky, Alex Goodrich

Run Time:

1 hour 30 min


The show ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ started as a web series in 2009. Right away it earned popularity for its witty humor and was seen by millions. Seeing the positive response to the series, a year after its conception its book was published. Containing jokes contributed by popular Jewish figures, the book was a big success. As the popularity of the series grew, its content was also released on audio books and DVDs.

Within two years followed a television series. ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ is a hit in every medium that it was released in and its humor attracts an increasing number of audiences. The stage show derives from the original web series. The difference is that in the original series the jokes were told by the common people but the stage version sees professional actors playing the different recurrent roles. The stage adaptation made its Off-Broadway debut at the Westside Theater, in 2012.

Creative Team

’Old Jews Telling Jokes’ was created by the duo, Daniel Okrent and Peter Gethers. Both having experience in writing and editing have come up with a superb show which doesn’t fail to engage the audiences with its abundance of wit. Credit for the show’s success also goes to its director Marc Bruni. He has brilliantly directed the show in chronological order that charts the various stages of life. For the depiction of these stages of life, animation has also been used. These have been expertly done by Steve Channon. Worth mentioning are the wonderful sets designed by David Gallo.

Concept and Content

’Old Jews Telling Jokes’ comprises a variety of acts. There are skits, one-liners, anecdotes, jokes and monologues. Also included are various other routines like dance, music and sketches which take a humorous look at various aspects of life. The focus is especially on the experiences of Jewish living in the US. Lighthearted and highly entertaining, the performances make for great entertainment. There are traditional topics, incidents from day to day life and also humor of intellectual kind. Differing in subject matter, the segments of the show successfully manage to strike a comical chord with the audiences.


Reasons to Watch…

  1. The Off-Broadway run of ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ has been a hit with the theatergoers.
  2. The original web series that the production is derived from has won the Audie Award for Humor.
  3. Extremely funny, the show has all the factors to make for an unforgettable entertainment experience.
  4. The star studded cast of the show has earned various accolades and awards in their field.
  5. Besides the familiar jokes of the show, the upcoming event features a number of surprises.