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Max And Ruby Tickets

Max and Ruby are two delightful characters celebrating the spirit of sibling relationship for years. The animated series created in 2002, by the children’s book author Rosemary Wells, beautifully portrays the universal nature of love and affection in such relationships, in a quite engaging manner. Taking the typical profiles of a three year old boy and a seven year old girl, the energetic and stubborn Max and smart and organized Ruby, it truly projects real life kids of modern day. Max and Ruby tickets provide a perfect opportunity for quality family fun, since the characters are as loved by adults as they are adored by the children.

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Max and Ruby

Associated Act:

The Nutcracker

Age Limit:

3 Years and Older

The most beloved bunny siblings, Max and Ruby are here yet again with one of the most magical live performances loved by children and adults alike. The incredible duo beautifully portrays the love and affection in sibling relation in a heartfelt manner. The opposite natures of both protagonists present an interesting combination for audiences to watch, ponder and enjoy. Max and Ruby tickets are now available for their latest performance In the Nutcracker Suite. Combining the fantastical story of the nutcracker with the magical characters from the animated series, the performance is indeed a spectacle to watch. No wonder then it is to see the tickets selling so hot.

Animated Series & the Play

Max and Ruby began in 2002 as an American-Canadian animated series primarily aimed at preschool children. The renowned children’s book illustrator Rosemary Wells created a sequence of books based on these two characters which were then adapted into television series. The stories described are very carefully designed in a way to teach young children important lessons in life in a lighthearted manner. Max and Ruby’s parents are not shown in the series because children tend to solve their issues differently when they are on their own. The series received immense popularity among children and much acclaim from parents as well.

The play features the timeless music of Tchaikovsky along with the remarkable original songs. The incredible choreography by Patti Caplette adds another irresistible touch to the performances. Based on the best seller book with above three million sales the play is nonetheless entertaining and engaging.

Meet the Bunnies

Max is a three year old bundle of energy, fun and enthusiasm. Ruby is his seven year old organized and smart second-grader sister. Where at one hand Ruby loves being in charge, she is often bothered by the stubbornness of Max who considers himself to be the best in everything. Max loves his sister but he will not do anything just because she wants him to, and Ruby adores her brother but prefers doing everything according to rules instead of what Max would want. The incredible manner in which they solve their issues within themselves is interesting enough to keep adults and children absorbed.

Two other equally fascinating characters of the play include Max and Ruby’s Grandma and Ruby’s best friend Louise. Grandma lives next door and is full of surprises; she listens, understands and helps both the bunny babies. Audiences must not underestimate Grandma’s capacity for having fun. Louise is very similar to Ruby and also a part of bunny scouts. They both are very talented, albeit in different fields, but they are never jealous of each other. The entire production overall is a spectacular delight to watch which justifies the large demand for Max and Ruby tickets.

More about the Fun Play

  • A friend of Ruby named Valerie is adept in playing the recorder and ballet dancing.
  • Fifth season of the TV series Max and Ruby came out in 2011, and there are chances of sixth upcoming season as well.
  • Max also has a sidekick, named Morris, who is also Louise’s cousin.
  • The play has been produced in more than thirteen different languages.
  • A smash hit musical version of the play has also been touring United States.