Macbeth Tickets

Macbeth is an unforgettable piece of literature and all those who enjoyed it will certainly want to see this adaptation too. Broadway is all set to bring this unparalleled piece of literature come to life. Playing the lead role would be Ethan Hawke, accompanied now by an English beauty Anne-Marie Duff as the Lady Macbeth. Duff is a bright light in Britain yet a debutante in United States. The two talented performers will be acting out the intricately woven story of tragedy, witchcraft, evil and death of morals in the insatiable pursuit of power.



Run Time

1 hour 40 minutes

Lead Roles

Ethan Hawke                             

Anne-Marie Duff

Holding the interest of generations, Macbeth is a one-of-its-kind; tragic tale of  bloody drama incomparable even with Shakespeare's other works. The intense story revolving around the unleashed ambitions and the destructions caused by them, traces how Lady Macbeth challenges Macbeth's masculinity and encourages him to be cruel. She is shown as a conspiring woman who plays a central role in the play.
The Original Play
Written sometime in the early 1600s, Macbeth is one of the shortest and most powerful tragedies written by William Shakespeare. The story when it was written is said to be influenced by some real historical events as known to the historians of the era. Accounts of the King Macbeth of Scotland, Holinshed's Chronicles and Macduff are thought to be of regard in the storyline, despite the drastic differences in the actual plot of the play and the real history. In reality Macbeth was an admired monarch.
The story of the play, however is of a general who embarks on a gory journey towards power when he receives a prophecy from three witches that he would be the King one day. Provoked by his power-hungry wife and overcome by greed, Macbeth kills the King and ascends the throne himself. But that just marks the beginning of a much larger and horrific bloodshed. The brave general is soon wrecked with guilt which changes him into a tyrannical sovereign. The continued bloodbath slowly lulls the new King and his wife into the abyss of madness, cruelty and finally death.
The Broadway Version
Even though the story belongs to the seventeenth century, the plot and the story remain relevant today. The play as it progresses describes addiction to power, ego and one's self, with complete disregard to the social morals and conventions. At the same time it also projects the horrifying consequences that a blind pursuit of power can bring. In this respect, the story of Macbeth is significant even now. Other than this, the original script of the play is very powerful and like all Shakespeare's plays, even this one is to be performed with the original text dialogues. This would keep the true spirit of the play alive.
More About the Cast and Crew
The play is bringing together once again the Tony Award winning director Jack O'Brien with the Tony Award nominated actor Ethan Hawke as the protagonist in Macbeth. The incredible duo will be putting a contemporary spin on Macbeth this season. Playing the Lady Macbeth is Anne-Marie Duff. The Bafta and Olivier Award nominated actress would be making her debut to Broadway this year. She is currently performing a critically acclaimed role in Strange Interlude, at London's National Theater. With her recent performances Marie has made quite a name for herself. Now she will be appearing as the conspiring wife of the Scottish Nobleman in Macbeth.
The sets for the play are to be arranged by Scott Pask. Lightening will be taken care of by Japhy Weideman and the costumes would be organized by none other than Catherine Zuber. Mark Bennett is the man responsible for giving the original music and sound design for the play. Together, the creative team creates a play that is attracting many to the theaters.

More About Macbeth

  1. In the theatre backstage world, there are some apprehensions that the title of the play is cursed; hence sometimes “the Scottish play” is used instead.
  2. The play has been adapted into several operas, television series, films, novels, comic books and other media resources as well.
  3. Lady Macbeth is sometimes compared to Cleopatra, because of the influential and manipulative female role personified by both.
  4. It is believed that Shakespeare used actual witches' spells in his writings.
  5. There has been a slightly modified version of Macbeth on Broadway as well, in which Alan Cumming performs the role of Lady Macbeth in an asylum setting.