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Thomas Bradshaw returns to the live stage in yet another Off-Broadway production which is going to define sensuality and “intimacy”. The story of Intimacy revolves around three families belonging to the same neighborhood of a respectable American town. This dark comedy play deals with the everyday issues of sex and race, and how they entwine and cause conflicts behind the walls and between the sheets – and even in front of the camera. A revealing and boisterous play of colliding intimacy and race, this new Bradshaw production is something that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoyed his previous writings, “Burning” and “Purity”. Intimacy tickets are now on sale.

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Thomas Bradshaw

Earning the Title of Intimacy

Intimacy, the new explicitly funny play by Thomas Bradshaw has received mixed reviews – for some it is a comedy mixed with sensuality: a perfect treat, while for others it is something that makes them evacuate their seats midway. Labeled as “audacious sexy comedy” which has no boundaries, Intimacy tells the story of three families living in the suburban area of America. There is the widower, James, who is still grieving, and his son Matthew, a teenager who is an aspiring filmmaker. Right next door lives a contractor named Fred, whose complicated sexual history follows him everywhere. He is living with his daughter named Sarah, who is a straight-A high school student. She is teaching Matthew, the horny teenage neighbor the art of frottage. Next door to them lives the couple, Jerry and Pat, who are both Ph.D.s. Both are racists and have a daughter, who is barely of the legal age; however they find out later that she is a budding porn star. Matthew, the aspiring filmmaker decides to make a neighborhood porno and without giving much away, he puts each and every character in his movie, even his very own father. Like he tries to communicate with his viewers in every play he writes, Thomas Bradshaw has done it again. In intimacy, he tries to tell the public how life is strangely messed up and hypocritically sad yet happy, and how intimacy is to be expected from a place you never searched at.

The New Group at Acorn Theatre

The New Group is an artist driven company which is dedicated to the purpose of producing and developing contemporary theatre. It was founded in 1995 and has since then been responsible for the making of some of the finest and powerful modern theatrical plays, such as Intimacy. It is led by the Executive Director, Geoff Rich and Artistic Director, Scott Elliot. Among its famous productions is Avenue Q, which was recipient of three Tony Awards. They have also produced The Kids and Ecstasy, to name just a few. Working on Thomas Bradshaw’s Intimacy, The New Group’s Artistic Director, Scott Eliot masterfully created a play that is true to its sensual name. The cast consists of David Anzuelo, Austin Cauldwell, Ella Dershowitz, Daniel Gerroll, Laura Esterman, Keith Randolph Smith and Dea Julia. This production of Intimacy has dealt with the multi-racial, well manicured town and its dark secrets in a very bold manner. Now the show is going to be staged at the Acorn Theatre, starting February, where it will have its run throughout the month.

Thomas Bradshaw – The Playwright

Eliciting disgust from some viewers and belly laughs from the others, Thomas Bradshaw’s plays have always been in the limelight. Bradshaw doesn’t cease to shock his audiences with his extremely simple yet shocking thoughts about everyday life scenarios. His dialogues are a curious combination of poetic honesty and unfiltered reality. However, his plays despite being messy, have a neatly played out plot and structure. Although Intimacy has this unavoidable omnipresence of explicitly, which can be called porn, there is also a story line that can give a nudge to your thoughts. Explore this whole new dimension of X-rated entertainment with Intimacy this February at Acorn Theatre.


About Bradshaw

  • Bradshaw labels sex as something that should be done without bounds and the way you “like” without constraints of religion.
  • Bradshaw says he was inspired by the idea of Intimacy from his own neighborhood.
  • Before getting into writing, Bradshaw was a teacher at the Brooklyn College.
  • His idea behind Intimacy was to help people have less constrained interrogation on the subject of porn.
  • Bradshaw says he tries to present examples of psychological hedonism in his plays.