Il Trovatore Tickets

The Teatro alla Scala is inviting theater lovers to become part of multiple shows of the popular libretto, Il Trovatore. The 19th century theatrical is named amongst some of the most flamboyant writings from the Italian repertory. Being showcased for over 170 years, Il Trovatore has been entertaining performing arts’ enthusiasts for over a century. Recent shows of the libretto took place in Metropolitan Opera, BBC Radio 3, Opera in Williamsburg, Bavarian State Opera and Bayerische Staatsoper’s Chorus and Orchestra. Performances were held all across Munich, Verona, Milan, Prague, Salzburg, Hungary and Australia. Il Trovatore tickets have been searched out by theater lovers for decades now, a trend that hasn’t changed for over a century.


Il Trovatore

Event Type

Four act libretto


Daniele Rustioni

Running Time

2 hours 50 minutes

About Teatro alla Scala

Expected to be held at the Teatro alla Scala, a world renowned opera house located in Milan, Italy, the Il Trovatore play will bring in audiences from all over the country. Inaugurated back in 1778, the facility was originally named the New Royal-Ducal Theatre alla Scala. The debut presentation that took place at the opera house was a play by Antonio Salieri named “Europa Riconosciuta”. Over the years, the venue has been known for inviting some of the biggest opera artists and singers from all over world. It currently serves as home to prestigious opera and ballet institutions namely La Scala Theatre Ballet, La Scala Theatre Chorus and La Scala Theatre Orchestra. This time the opera house is inviting theatre lovers to come witness anyone of the upcoming shows of Il Trovatore.

Introduction to Il Trovatore

Il Trovatore is a four act libretto written by the great Salvadore Cammarano. Based on the opera by Guiseppe Verfi, the story of the theatrical has been adapted from El Trovador of 1836. El Trovador has been ranked as one of the most inspiring and melodramatic pieces by the writer. Acquiring a copy of the play through his wife, Giuseppina Strepponi, Verdi approached Commanrano. Commanrano, who was one of 19th century’s most popular operatic poet agreed to collaborate with Verdi and the two started correspondence almost immediately. Starting off in 1850, the writing was completed within a year and the time came when the writers had to chose as to where to present the opera. Turning down offers to perform the libretto in Naples and Rome, the matter was put on hold till 1853. Agreeing to present the opera in Paris, the premier Il Trovatore show took place at the Theatre-Italien, Salle Ventadour. Holding a total of 229 performances in the first season that took place over a period of three years, Il Trovatore presented actors namely Adelaide Borghi-mamo and Lodovico Graziani. The US premier took place in 1855 at the Academy of Music in New York and revivals of the original Italian production have been taking place ever since.

Synopsis of Il Trovatore

The story of the four act play starts when Ferrando, the guards’ captain orders his men to look out while Count di Luna waits to confess his love to Leonara. Di Luna who is jealous of his rival, Manrico, patiently waits for Leonara to come to the garden. Leonara is seen confessing her to love for Manrico to a confidante, Ines, makes her way to the garden mistaking Di Luna for Manrico. However when she hears Manrico, she rushes to her arms in front of Di Luna. Jealous by their true love, ego and pride takes over Luna, who challenges Manrico to a duel. The soft-hearted Leonara who cannot bear to see anyone get hurt, runs away as the two men battle for their lives.

The duel comes to an end and Manrico makes his way to his home, where he is informed that Leonara doesn’t know that he had survived the duel against Di Luna and decides to take the veil at a convent. Will Manrico reach his true love in time, or will he be imprisoned by Count di Luna? Watch what happens at the next Il Trovatore showcases.


Did You Know?

  • The UK debut of the libretto took place back in 1855. The premier show was held in Covent Garden, London.
  • In 1902, Arturo Toscanini revived the four act play and over 615 performances have been staged through his opera company from 1902 till 2010.
  • The premier show of the play presented actors namely Giovanni Guicciardi playing Count di Luna, Carlo Baucarde playing Manrico, Emilia Goggi as Azucena and Rosina Penco as Leonora.
  • Numerous recordings from the opera have been released on CD via records labels namely Aura Music, Mondo Musica, Naxos, RCA, DECCA, EMI Classics, Phillips Classics and Sony.
  • DVDs of the performances have been released in 1957, 1978, 1983, 1988 and 2011 which were produced by Hardy Classics, TDK, Deutsche Grammophone and Image Entertainment.