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Hello, Dolly! is a multiple award winning musical which was first performed on Broadway in 1964. Based on Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker, this is one of the most well loved Broadway shows of all time. It has undergone three Broadway revivals already and has been revived for a fourth time. It is going to be touring all over the US. People are excited to catch this legendary musical live and demand for Hello, Dolly! tickets is growing.

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Hello, Dolly!



Jeffery B. Moss



Sally Struthers 

The story of the musical revolves around Dolly, a matchmaker, who goes to Yonkers, New York to find a match for millionaire Horace Vandergelder and ends up deciding to match herself with him. This appealing storyline has been charming audiences for decades and has made Hello, Dolly! one of the most entertaining musicals.


About the Musical

The musical has an adorable storyline which apart from being entertaining also makes the audience think on how to set their fears aside and start living life. The crux of the story is that once you explore life it has so much more to offer but only if you overcome your fears.


Set in the 1890’s the musical was brought to life by the acting of Carol Channing, who in the lead role, simply made Dolly so loveable, that people still cherish the opportunity of watching that character on stage. The enduring music and lyrics were a brain child of Jerry Herman, while Michael Stewart wrote the book. Both received Tony Awards for their efforts.


Production Team

The new revival is directed by Jeffery B. Moss, an award winning director who is famous for his work on plays like “RAGS”, “Real Men”, “The Sunshine Boys”, “Passin’ it” and “Annie Get Your Gun”. The Choreography is by Bob Richard who is an established award winning choreographer of both theater and television and founder of the American Musical Theatre Dance Company. The musical is being produced by Big League Productions, with Daniel Sher as executive producer. A veteran in the field, the name of Big League is one of the most respected in the industry.


Sally Struthers is playing the lead role of Dolly. She is an established actress and two time winner of the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for her work in All in the Family. She has also starred in the critically acclaimed Gilmore Girls and played the lead in her own CBS series Gloria. Her first foray into Broadway was with Wally’s Café, which she followed up with “Odd Couple”. Her main stint on stage however, was with Grease, in which she played Miss Marnie Lynch, for almost three years on Broadway as well as on tour.


 Awards and Accolades

The musical was a huge success when it first premiered on Broadway. Playing in front of sold out shows, it garnered critical acclaim. It was nominated for an astounding eleven Tony Awards of which it won ten. These included the award for Best Musical, Best Direction, Best choreography and Best Original Score. Lead actress Carol Channing also won a Tony Award for her efforts.


The original cast recording of the musical, which was released as the show album “Hello, Dolly!” was inducted in to the Grammy Hall of Fame at the 2002 award ceremonies. The success of the musical was such that an eponymous feature film, based on the musical, was made in 1969. The film version was also critically acclaimed and nominated for seven Academy Awards.

Interesting Facts


  1. The musical’s original run on Broadway ran for 2,844 performances, making it one of the top twenty longest running Broadway shows of all time.
  2. Broadway legends Ethel Merman and Mary Martin turned down the lead role of Dolly but eventually did play the role after the show became famous.
  3. Carol Channing’s shimmering red dress made famous in Hello, Dolly! was donated to the  Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of American History.
  4. Wall-E the Disney/Pixar blockbuster features two songs from Hello, Dolly! “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” and “It Only Takes a Moment.”
  5. Carol Channing was considered to star in the film version of the musical but Barbara Streisand swiped the roll from her.