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From the makers of the famous Irish theatrical show Riverdance; now comes your way yet another sensational production, Heartbeat of Home. Titled as the “electrifying new music and dance spectacular”, the show debuted in Dublin and later went on for a sold out run within Ireland as well as China. Now Heartbeat of Home is making its way to the US, after a stop in Toronto. The first stop within North America will be in Chicago, moving on from there it will travel to Detroit and finally land in Boston for performances at the Citi Performing Arts Center in March and April. The Heartbeat of Home tickets have been made available already.

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Moya Doherty and John McColgan

Culture and Beyond

The brand new sensational dance and music spectacular, Heartbeat of Home presents to the audiences a show filled with stunning visuals, beautiful dance moves and mesmerizing music. The colors are all around, shifting from one hue to another from act to act. For those who have been to a Riverdance show will have an idea of the artistry that can be expected from this new production. The show features thirty skilled dancers as well as ten-piece band which plays mesmerizing score written by the award winning composer, Brian Byrne.

Heartbeat of Home starts off with a sea voyage of different people who are leaving their country to live in another. As the tides shift, the second half of the show comes to the front with the concept of a whole new world. In this half, the cultures mix in a new land. The directors mentioned that this new show aims at representing the “new world” and is more like an open invitation to the cultures of the world to come and dance and become a part of their Irish music. Over the decades, the Irish culture has taken a great shift and today Ireland is longer a monoculture country. All of it is reflected in this new show, which is a must attend for all of the Irish culture lovers.

The Creators

Director and Conceiver of this thundering Irish dance show is John McColgan. McColgan is a successful director and producer of the day. His career started in the mid 70s through RTE Television, where he eventually became the Head of Entertainment. He also became Head of Weekend Entertainment for TVAM – ITV in the breakfast TV show later on. In the creation of Riverdance, John played a key role. He took the seven minute dance performance and turned it into a stage show that has kept its audiences hooked to this day.

Moya Doherty is the producer of Heartbeat of Home. Her career spawns across TV, radio and theatre. She has been a part of the entertainment industry within Ireland as well as all across the world, and had a prominent role in the making of Riverdance as well. For RTE television, Doherty has worked on several features and arts’ documentaries and has also worked for TV AM and Irish National Television Service. Over a decade, she has been included in several creative boards of directors.

The Creative Team

The creative team of Heartbeat of Home includes some highly talented names of the theatrical world. The Golden Globe nominated composer, Brian Byrne is behind the music of this spectacular. He is also an accomplished conductor, pianist, arranger and songwriter. The lyricist and concept developer of the stage show is Joseph O’Connor, writer of the bestselling novel ‘Star of the Sea’. His CD of radio pieces titled ‘The Drivetime Diaries’ made it to number one spot at the Irish charts. Musical staging and choreography of Heartbeat of Home is by David Bolger, who is currently the Artistic Director of CoisCeim Dance Theatre. Other than that, John Carey, Alan Farquharson, David Torpey and Peter Caning are on the creative team as well.

After its successful launch in Dublin, the Heartbeat of Home is now coming to Boston for a series of performances that are going to enchant the audiences and have their hearts beat a skip.


Heartbeat of Home Reviews

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  • An extraordinary show – jaw dropping – inspiringly imaginative – This was Ireland on the big stage. – The Irish Mail
  • Dance extravaganza lifts the spirits. – Irish Examiner
  • Dance extravaganza gets in step with “Ireland of Today” – the dances are so athletic, graceful and exuberant. – The Irish Times
  • The electrifying new show from the makers of Riverdance. – Belfast Telegraph