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An absolutely brilliant performance is coming up with an appearance by ‘The Rockettes’ under the title Heart and Lights. The limited-duration plan of the show will be presenting the audiences at the Radio City Music Hall with a theater experience that they could not have imagined. Starting previews by the end of coming March, the New York City themed production will continue for five weeks. Heart and Lights tickets are selling out fast already as people are excited to see what is new in store for them by the Rockettes as well as the theatre performance.

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Heart and Lights


1 Hour and 30 Minutes

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Suitable for all Age Groups

Based on the New York City’s energetic life, ‘Heart and Lights’ will be a never-seen-before experience even for the New Yorkers themselves. The production is directed towards all age groups; the glitz and blitz of the city captured in a theatre performance. It is destined to thrill the young and the old alike. Looking at the city’s iconic places and sharing memories and experiences through a theatre performance, this production is surely a must see. Heart and Lights tickets indeed provide an exceptional opportunity to the theatre lovers to witness an extraordinary live performance.

About the Production

Bringing to life the passion that people of New York feel for their city is not an easy task regardless of the obvious energy and liveliness that consumes this city’s life. The play features state-of-the-art technology, wonderful puppetry as well as 3-D special effects. Packed with awe inspiring scenes, Heart and Lights is certain to leave the spectators breathless.

The play brings the city to the stage with unforgettable and infectious original music beats and pop hits that when combined with spectacular choreography and Rockette dance performances will breathe life into the performance. There are eight differently choreographed numbers with dynamic and dazzling performances, only enhanced further by the innovative technology and elaborate animatronics. The play also features some original music by some of the most influential artists of the past fifty years.

A Little Insight

There is not much to reveal about the play yet, since it would come as a delightful surprise for the audience. However what has been told so far is that the attendees will be looking at the New York City and its buzz through the eyes of two cousins who discover their grandmother’s surprising past as they explore the city. The secrets of the city are uncovered before the two boys and lights of the city take up an all new meaning for them.

Heart and Lights tickets are on sale already as the new production by the renowned Radio City Rockettes is gaining popularity even before it has been premiered, and fans want to be the first to witness the show. The festive celebration of the city and its people, a fascinating account of its history and legacy, Heart and Lights is destined to be a smashing success.

The Working Minds

The director and choreographer of the play is Linda Haberman. Her exceptional vision coupled with the creative production team of the play has truly crafted a performance worthy of an audience. The show is written by the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Doug Wright. An accomplished author in his own right, Wright has written the book for three Broadway musicals as well.

Alejo Vietti is the costume designer. He has several accolades to his name. His talent and ability has been praised by many when it comes to dresses and costumes. Lyricist for the play is Amanda Green working along with composer Tom Kitt. Where at one hand Green received two Tony Award nominations for her exceptional work, Kitt bagged the Pulitzer and two Tony Awards for his composing abilities. Other members of the production team are also among the best in their fields, guaranteeing the show to be flawless in its presentation. It does not come as a surprise that Heart and Lights tickets have such soaring demand even before the first show.


More Bits about the Show

  • The production is using groundbreaking technology to bring live theatre experience for the audiences, with 3-D scenes and other special effects.
  • Heart and Lights has been in the making for more than five years.
  • The show has a very limited-schedule of performances, only lasting five weeks.
  • There is actual 3-D Subway train, Meatpacking District and The New York Public Library among other places in the show.
  • The Rockettes perform multiple dance styles to convey the feeling of different scenes such as "High Finance" and "Electricity".