Defending The Caveman

Defending The Caveman Tickets

Defending the Cavemen is a comedy theater play written by comedian and actor Rob Becker. The play’s subject matter is hilarious, yet touches the audience at a personal level, for it revolves around the misunderstandings between men and women. Seen around theaters worldwide, the record holding, award winning play is on a nationwide tour, which is perfect for you, because by buying Defending the Caveman tickets you can catch it live. 

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Defending the Caveman


Rob Becker



The play holds the record for the longest running solo play in Broadway history, and has now been recognized as a comic phenomenon. Apart from numerous national tours, the play has been performed in forty five countries worldwide and has been translated into eighteen different languages.



The popular comedy was penned by Rob Becker, a comedian himself, who carried out extensive three year research before completing his masterpiece. During this time, he made an informal study of prehistory, sociology, anthropology, psychology and even mythology.

The play premiered in San Francisco in 1991 and after a successful run, moved to Dallas. It remained in Dallas for a year, where it established itself as an unquestionable hit. With the aim of spreading the play’s message all across the country, it went on to be staged in Washington DC, Chicago and Philadelphia, where it was a runaway success, usually playing in front of sold out audiences.

Following its success all over the country, it came to the home of quality theater, Broadway, where it opened at the Helen Hayes Theater in 1995. After running for two and a half years, and after 702 highly entertaining performances, it entered the record books as the longest running solo play in Broadway history.

The play has been extensively touring all over the country and the world ever since then.


About the Play:

The play only has one actor on stage throughout the performance, who offers an insightful study into how men and women interact with each other and how each sex relates to it. It has audience members, both male and female, laughing out loud as they recognize everyday situations in which they themselves are usually involved. It offers hilarious commentary on some of the different ways men and women fight, love and then laugh about it. Targeted specially at couples, the show involves knowing glances and playful nudges as the audience members recognize themselves as the main protagonists of the stories being told on stage.

A blend of satire, stand-up comedy, therapy sessions and a lecture, the play attempts to resolve war between the sexes in a playful manner. Like the name suggests, it stands up for the male point of view, but still remains sympathetic to the female side of the problem. The writer of the play, Rob Becker, himself suggests, that it is a vehicle for showing that "men have emotions, but they express them differently." Some would say that "Cavemen" has become a sort of peacemaker in the ongoing, never ending, misunderstandings between the two sexes.  

An international comedic phenomenon, the play won the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment in 2000. It still holds the world record for being the longest running solo show in Broadway history and over the years has been credited with helping couples fall and fall back in love the world over. That should be reason enough for people to go watch a performance of the show, and when you do, do not forget your Defending the Caveman tickets.

Interesting Facts:

·         The writer of the play, Rob Becker, himself starred in its productions until early 2006.

·         One of the performers, Kevin Burke, was recently honored, as he became the longest serving Caveman. Burke has been performing the role for ten years.

·         Burke also set a new Guinness World Record for the Most Theatrical Performances in 50 Days, a record he set in Las Vegas.

·         The show’s tagline is “A Comedy We Can All Relate To!”

·         A New York Time’s review stated that “Defending the Caveman” was a “nationwide comic phenomenon!”