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The city of Cleveland, Ohio is inviting theatre lovers to witness a series of upcoming presentations of the play, Deathtrap. Holding shows for over twenty five years now, Deathtrap is one of theater’s most popular mysteries. Recent showcases that have been held at venues namely Queen’s Theatre, Chanticleers Theatre, C.A.S. Theatre, Los Angeles Theatre, Jungle Theatre and Georgia Ensemble Theatre to name a few. Actors who have brought Deathtrap to the stage include James Donadio, Mary Lynn Owen, Brian Hatch, James Baskin and Shelly McCook. These performances have reeled in masses from all over the country and Deathtrap tickets for upcoming shows are expected to bring forth a similar response.

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The Hanna Theatre

Located in Ohio, United States, the facility that will be hosting multiple showcases is the Hanna Theatre. Inaugurated in 1921, the theatre is located in the downtown area of Cleveland. One of the first five theatrical facilities to open in the district of Ohio, the Hanna Theatre is currently owned by Playhouse Square. Designed by Charles A. Platt, the idea of the theatre was put forth by publisher and industrialist, Daniel Rhodes Hanna. The first season of the theatre presented popular shows namely The Prince and the Pauper, The Passing Show, Smilin’ Through, Jim Jam, Pitter Patter, The Masquerader, Midnight Rounders, Fools Errant and Up in the Haymow, to name a few. Undergoing renovations in 2008, the performing arts center brought forth several changes to the architecture, seating, ticket-booths, stage mechanics and entrance. This season the Hanna Theatre is inviting theatre lovers to become host to multiple showcases of the Deathtrap.

About Deathtrap

Premiering on 1978, the Deathtrap is a mystery play with two acts. Written by Ira Levin, the presentation holds the record for Broadway’s longest running thriller-comedy show. The five character play has brought forth positive critic reviews and has been revived countless times over the years. In 1982, the play was adapted in a feature film of the same name. The popular play has presented over 1800 performances over a time period of four years and is well appreciated due to its constant plot twists and unexpected surprises.

Making its debut performance at the Music Box Theatre, Deathtrap premiered after a tryout show was held at the Wilbur Theater. Directed by Robert Moore, the premier production held shows at the Biltmore Theater apart from the Music Box Theatre.

Synopsis of Deathtrap

The story of the play revolves around a successful writer, Sidney Bruhl who is faced with troubles with his writing. One day, a student of Sidney, named Clifford Anderson brings a play to his teacher to get some feedback from him. Sidney is taken aback by the writing and calls it a masterpiece. He takes the play to read it to his wife, Myra Bruhl and suggests that he might have to kill Clifford in order to steal the script. Myra assumes that Sidney is just having a laugh or two. However, the next day, Sidney takes Clifford to his den where he strangles Clifford after making sure nobody else knows about the play. At the time, Myra arrives and witnesses the horrifying act. Sidney then drags Clifford’s body away to dispose it off.

In the next scene, a psychic named Helga ten Dorp makes her way to Bruhl’s house and warns them that she sees great suffering coming their way. Later that night, when the Bruhl’s are off to bed, Sidney is attacked by a muddy, disoriented Clifford. Clifford apparently kills Sidney and his shocked wife, Myra dies of a heart attack upon witnessing the beating.

In the next scene it is revealed that Clifford and Sidney are lovers, who planned the whole thing to get rid of Myra. In another scene, Clifford is seen secretively writing his big play and when Sidney reads it, he discovers that it is based on Myra’s plotted death. Furious Sidney confronts Clifford and walks out threatening to kill him, Will Sidney kill his lover or will Clifford expose the murder to the whole world?


Did You Know?

  • In 1978, Deathtrap received nomination for a prestigious Tony Award from the category of “Best Play”.
  • Marian Saldes who plays the role of Myra Bruhl has been added into the Guinness Book of World Records under the title of “most durable actress” for making appearances in 1800 shows.
  • A revival of Deathtrap occurred in 2010, which was directed by Matthew Warchus. Shows were held in London.
  • Another revival production took place in 2012 that was organized by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.
  • The original cast at the premier shows included John Wood playing Sidney Bruhl, Marian Seldes playing Myra Bruhl and Victor Garber taking on the role of Clifford Anderson.