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The O’Reilly Theater situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is bringing to stage George Bernard Shaw’s masterpiece, Candida. The theatrical comedy that was composed in 1894, has been winning the hearts of theater lovers for decades now. Become witness to the hilarious comedy that first entertained audiences in 1903. The recent shows of Candida were presented by the Boomerang Theatre Company and Asolo Rep Theatre in 2013. The Pittsburgh Public Theater is bringing the play to stage once again. Candida tickets are in high demand among theatre goers.

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Ted Pappas

About the Host Venue

Located in the Cultural District of downtown Pittsburgh, the O’Reilly Theater was opened for screenings and productions in 1999. Providing seating for as much as 650 attendees, the performing arts center is a three-part building that consists of a rehearsal hall with 150 seats, the main theater room with 650 seats and a parking garage named “Theater Square.” Funded by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the O’Reilly Theater was designed by Michael Graves. The facility was created with the intention of constructing a home for the Pittsburgh Public Theater and since then, this theatrical company has brought forth some of the most popular productions. Some of these include One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the Glass Menagerie; Sizwe Banzi is Dead, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Night Mother, Becoming Memories, Eleanor, Mad Forest, Over the Tavern and Jitney. This time, Pittsburgh Public Theater is reinventing one of 19th century’s ground breaking comic pieces, Candida.

Candida’s Popularity & Success

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1894, Candida is a fictional piece that presents characters namely Miss Proserpine Garnett, Reverend James, Reverend Alexander, Mr. Burgess, Candida and Eugene Marchbanks. Even though the play was completed in 1984, Shaw wasn’t able to get it published until 1898, as part of his publication titled “Plays Pleasant”. The co-founder of one of London’s most prestigious educational institutions, London School of Economics, Shaw wasn’t able to bring the play to the big screen until 1903. The play debuted at the Royal Court Theatre and a total of six shows were presented. Receiving positive reviews, Candida made its way to New York and received a tremendous response. From 1903 till 1907 several revival productions of the play were held by the Royal Court Theater.

Synopsis & Revivals

The story of Candida is based in London where a housewife, Candida is seen struggling in a dull marriage to clergyman, Reverend James Morell. Candida who is responsible for her husband’s success is seen embarking on a trip throughout London with a young poet named, Eugene Marchbanks. Marchbanks who is helplessly in love with Candida explains to her how she deserves a much better life rather than attending to household chores. Ultimately a time comes when Candida has to choose between the two men. Will she stay with her husband or seek for an exciting life with the young poet? Upcoming shows of Candida will present a colorful dramatic comedy, full of hilarity and fun.

Recent revivals of Candida have been held by organizations such as the Oxford Stage Company, BBC Radio 7, Writers’ Theatre, L.A. Theatre Works and the San Jose Repertory Theater. In 2003, a broadcast production of Candida was presented by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In the following year, Candida was staged by the Oxford Stage Company. This show presented actors namely Andrew Havill, Serena Evans and Richard Glaves and the play toured across the UK. In 2009 a radio adaptation of the play ran on BBC Radio 7. It featured Hannah Gordon as Candida and Edward Petherbridge as Morell. In the same year the Writers’ Theatre put together a musical adaptation of Candida. The play was named “A Minister’s Wife” with lyrics composed by Jan Tranen and music by Josh Schmidt. Most recently, the San Jose Repertory Theater brought forth a revival showcase with its West Coast Premiere. This show was directed by the talented Michael Halberstam. Watch another revival production of Candida being presented by the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

Interesting Facts about Candida:

  • In 1924, famed performer, Katharine Cornell played the role of Candida. The owners i.e. the Actors’ Guild forbade any other actress to play the role from then onwards until Cornell’s death.
  • In 2007 the Court Theatre Company production of Candida that presented actors, Tom Amandes and JoBeth Williams was recorded and released by L.A. Theatre Works.
  • In 1946, a very young Marlon Brando acted opposite Katharine Cornell playing the role of Marchbanks. This show would be the last one for Cornell.
  • The author for the play, George Bernard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925.
  • The upcoming presentation that will be held at the O’Reilly Theatre features Gretchen Egolf from “As You like It” playing the role of Candida.