Bullets Over Broadway

Bullets Over Broadway Tickets

The St. James Theater located in New York is holding a string of upcoming shows that will present Bullets over Broadway. Adapted from the 1994 crime-comedy feature film of the same name, the upcoming musical will present a hilarious show where the original screenplay of Douglas McGrath and Woody Allen will be reinvented. Witness this unique Broadway show simply by getting Bullets over Broadway tickets.

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Bullets over Broadway

Directed by

Susan Stroman

Original Screenplay by

Woody Allen

Popular Songs

Toot, Toot, Tootsie

Ma (He’s Making Eyes at Me)

Make Believe

A Show to Remember

Choreographer and director, Susan Stroman will be presenting her proud Broadway creation in which actors, Zach Braff, Brooks Ashmanskas, Betsy Wolfe, Vincent Pastore, Helene Yorke and Lenny Wolpe, will be taking on the live stage. The show will present colorful characters, hilarious scenes and songs that will take you back to the twenties. With extravagant costumes that have been created by the talented William Ivey Long and orchestrations handled by Doug Besterman, the Bullets over Broadway show is one event that shouldn’t be missed out on. So what are you waiting for? Reserve a place at the St. James Theater today, as the seats are limited.

The Bullets over Broadway Film

The upcoming musical is a Broadway adaptation of the American film, Bullets over Broadway. The movie was distributed by Miramax Films and ran for a total of ninety eight minutes. The picture was able to make over thirteen million dollars at the box office making it a hit.

The film’s story is based in the twenties where an enthusiastic playwright named David Shayne has just made his way into the Broadway scene. Shayne is seen working on his first play named “God of Our Fathers”, for which he hires a young actress who willingly finances Shayne’s play as well. The sponsor, Olive Neal, turns out to be a bad investment as she is not talented and is constantly seen throwing tantrums. However, Olive’s bodyguard, Cheech is talented and is seen sharing ideas with Shayne and helping him improve on his play. Things begin to change as Shayne claims Cheech’s ideas as his own and becomes involved with Helen Sinclair, the play’s leading lady. The leading man, Warner Purcell is also seen initiating a relationship with Olive.

What will happen on the opening night? Has the enthusiastic playwright gotten so over his head that he will lead his own creation to its demise? The upcoming Bullets over Broadway musical will use the same screenplay, so if you wish to watch the box office hit in a unique, new presentation, you should definitely attend the Broadway show.

A Few More Things to Know

  1. The screenplay that has been adapted has garnered 7 Academy Award nominations, including awards for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress and Actor.
  2. The cast of the feature film includes actors John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, Mary Louise Parker and Chazz Palminteri.
  3. The first musical adaptation of the Bullets over Broadway was done back in February 2012 by director Woody Allen himself.
  4. Critic organizations such as Rotten Tomatoes have awarded the screenplay a 96% rating calling it “a gleeful comedy”.
  5. The score in the musical will be taken from the Great American Songbook, a canon that consists of the most popular American Broadway songs.