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Renowned Greek maestro, Yanni is back with a worldwide tour which will start in December 2013. The artist will be making stops in multiple countries including the US, Brazil, Germany and the UK. Yanni stands as perhaps the most successful of the artists to have emerged out of the new age boom of the 80s and 90s. With an expertise in instrumental music and a gifted sense of drama and romanticism, the musician has delivered some of the most phenomenal hits like ‘Nostalgia,’ ‘Santorini’ and ‘Dance with a Stranger.’ His live performances are known to witness packed houses. Music enthusiasts are going out of their way to book Yanni tickets as catching a glimpse of this living legend is a chance not anyone wants to miss.

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Music Style:

New Age, Instrumental

Hit Songs:

Within Attraction, Nightingale, Santorini, Midnight Hymn, If I Could Tell You, Until the Last Moment

Early Days

The super star was born as Yiannis Chryssomalis in the Greek island of Kalamata in 1954. Blessed with a gifted sense of music, Yanni began playing the piano when he was only six years old. Subsequently he was enrolled into a music school where his talents were further polished. In 1977, Yanni played as part of a rock band Chameleon based in Minneapolis, with which he toured and released a number of albums.

The Beginning

In 1980, Yanni decided to launch his solo career and thus released his debut album ‘Optimystque.’ Four years later he signed a contract with Atlantic Records with which his collection gained immense recognition. This earned him his next deal with another renowned label, Private Music, who released Yanni’s second album ‘Keys to Imagination.’ Subsequently the music artist relocated to Los Angeles and started making music for movies and his third record ‘Out of Silence’ was also released. This was followed by a concert tour in which Yanni was supported by a live band that featured keyboardist John Tesh and the drummer Charlie Adams. With the release of his sixth studio album ‘Reflections of Passion’ in 1990, the musician was seen sharing the stage with the famed Dallas Symphony Orchestra at a prestigious event. This was just the start of an illustrious career where he would perform at many prominent events and collaborate with many renowned artists.

The 90s

The decade of the 90s saw many hit contributions by Yanni. ‘Dare to Dream,’ his first Grammy nominated album was released in 1992. It consisted of the popular song ‘Aria’ that was based on The Flower Duet and popularized by a commercial of British Airways. The maestro’s next Grammy nominated record, ‘In My Time’ came out the following year. The tracks of this album have been used in several sports and television events including the Super Bowl, ABC News and The Olympics. The peak of commercial success for Yanni came with the release of his album ‘Yanni Live at the Acropolis.’ The show was broadcasted on PBS and in a short span of time became one of the most highly rated TV programs of the time.

Recent Endeavors

Since the turn of the millennium Yanni has produced a number of successful music collections. Among these include albums like ‘If I Could Tell You,’ ‘Ethnicity,’ ‘Yanni Voices,’ ‘Yanni Mexicanisimo’ and ‘Truth of Touch.’ The latter is a largely instrumental record that marks his return to the music style that he had adopted during the 90s.  

World Without Borders Tour

The recent announcement of Yanni-World Without Borders Tour comes as a delight to the fans of the iconic music personality. The event features his greatest instrumental hits, reinvented classics as well as new contributions. Yanni’s concerts over the past few decades have enjoyed some of the most enthusiastic audiences. With his latest tour underway, one can expect to see the splendid sight of packed arenas dancing to the legend’s famous beats.


Did You Know

  • Yanni’s live album ‘Yanni Live at the Acropolis’ holds the record for having the second best selling all time music video.
  • Yanni holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
  • At fourteen years of age, Yanni set a Greek national record in a fifty meter freestyle swimming competition.
  • He became the first Western artist to be invited at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (China) to adopt a giant panda cub.
  • Yanni and Celine Dion were the first non-Chinese artists to give a performance at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in China.