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Tool has recently announced a new tour to the much delight of its fans. This will be the band’s first trip across the United States in the last two years. The road trip is scheduled to kick off in March 2014 and it will give rock and metal fans in general and the band’s fans in particular a chance to catch one of the biggest names in music live up close and personal. Tool has been at the top for years and has achieved multitude of fame in this ultra-competitive music world. So for anyone who is into metal and rock, this tour is a chance you just cannot afford to miss out on.

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One of the biggest names in hard rock is about to hit the road for a very special tour. Tool has been a part of the music landscape for well over two decades and during this time, it has gone on to rank among the biggest names in the industry. With millions of album sales and an equally impressive number of fans around the country, the band has sold Tool tickets everywhere it has gone to play. Expect the same amount of fanfare once again when the band takes to the stage as part of its latest journey around the country.

Early Days

The seeds for the formation of Tool were planted in 1980’s. Paul D’Amour, Carole King, Danny Carey, Maynard James Keenan, Green Kelly and Adam Jones were all in Los Angeles during that time. It was in 1989 that Jones and Keenan met for the first time. The two of them shared the same passion for music and began to play together. Carey and D’Amour came onboard later and Tool was incepted in 1990.

The band started performing on small scale in and around LA and that pattern continued for around a couple of years. The band’s music started to turn heads and it released its first effort through an EP titled Opiate. It received positive feedback from fans and critics and has since gone on to be certified platinum.

Rise to Stardom

Tool started to make headlines in 1993 when its first album, Undertow hit the music stores. This album was much more diverse. It turned out to be a huge hit and has been certified two time platinum for its efforts. Tool followed the success of the album by going on multiple tours and performing at famous festivals like the Lollapalooza.

Tool then went back to the studios and came out with its next album, Ænima in 1996. It was another huge hit that sold in excess of three million copies and was certified triple platinum. D’Amour quit the band and Justin Chancellor took his place on the roster.

Lateralus and 10,000 Days

Following the success of Ænima, Tool went touring once again before returning to the studios once again in 2001. Its next album Lateralus came out later that year and went straight to the top of the Billboard 200 on its debut. It has earned double platinum certification as well.  The latest album to date, 10,000 Days was released in 2006 and keeping up with the tradition it was another huge hit. 10,000 Days sold well over a million copies and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Tool is now working on its next album which is scheduled to hit the music stores sometime this year. With the kind of success the band has achieved with the release of its previous albums, hopes are high that its latest creation will follow that trend as well. But for now, fans have the tour to look forward to which is about to kick off in a grand way.


Did You Know?

  • Tool have won three Grammy Awards.
  • Jones and Keenan met for the first time through a friend they had in common.
  • Tool have come out with nine video albums in total but have made appearances in only two of those.
  • Jones is the one who is responsible for most of the band’s album’s artworks.
  • Kerrang! ranked Ænima as the sixth most influential album in history in its 2003 list.