Tony Bennett Tickets

Tony Bennett is hailed as one of the most influential jazz vocalists of all time. Even at the age of 87, amidst the tributes, accolades and honors, he is crooning his way into the hearts of his fans. He treated the listeners with his latest album ‘Viva Duets’, released in 2012 and now is all set to record a full length album with the pop superstar Lady Gaga. Still at the peak of his career, Bennett continues to charm music lovers with his smooth toned voice and dynamic personality. Currently on a world tour, the legendary musician is showing people a great time, wherever he’s performing.

Artist: Tony Bennett

Hit Songs: I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Cinnamon Sinner, For Once in My Life, I am in Love Again

Awards: 16 Grammys, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, 2 Emmy Awards

Bennett’s Career at Glance

Tony Bennett has enjoyed distinct successful phases in his musical career. In the early 50s, the artist scored a number of major hits which include Stranger in Paradise and In the Middle of an Island that placed him among the most popular recording artists of all time. In the early 60s he redefined his image as a popular adult album seller with projects like ‘My Heart Sings’, ‘The Many Moods of Tony’ and ‘Alone Together’, among others. This was followed by the era of 70s that saw the artist struggle a bit, especially in his personal life. However, he recovered quickly and by the mid 80s, he was back with a bang. Bennett renewed his popularity and earned a fan following in a newer generation. Although it seemed that the artist was the last of his breed, but he came out stronger than ever in the start of 21st century, strengthening his popularity and stature.

Musical Style

Tony Bennett’s passion for music has kept him focused throughout and he managed to refrain from composing contemporary tunes just to bag deals with big companies. He once stated, “I don’t follow the latest fashions and never sing a song that is badly written”. In his compositions, Bennett has beautifully blended the intricacies of traditional pop and jazz music to come up with songs that have remained popular across generations. His voice has changed through the decades, gathering more grain and texture. Today, he sounds deeper and darker than before and it has added to his appeal.

Live Performances

When it comes to live performances, Tony Bennett takes the audience on a journey of timeless classics. He treats the older fans with his hit numbers that mostly trace his spectacular Grammy winning career. Bennett is credited to be among the very few artists to successfully bridge the generation gap and connecting well with the younger crowd. Charisma, stage presence and great songs, the artist has them all in spades. Despite his age, he manages 90 minutes long performance and even throws in a few moves whenever the moment requires. His songs are often accompanied by short stories or memories associated with them. Bennett is used to performing in front of jam-packed crowd and receiving long standing ovations. The experience of attending his concert is unmatchable and makes the purchase of Tony Bennett tickets absolutely worth it.


Did You Know…

  1. Tony Bennett is an accomplished artist and paints under the name Benedetto.
  2. His paintings sell for almost $80,000 a piece and have featured in ARTnews and other magazines.
  3. The artist has sold more than 50 million records in his career spanning over seven decades.
  4. Bennett founded the Frank Sinatra School of Arts and mostly performs in Las Vegas.
  5. Tony Bennett supports 9 charities that include American Cancer Society, MusiCares, Exploring the Arts and others.