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After becoming father to a baby boy and much to the delight of the fans the talented singer Michael Bublé is all geared up to return to the music arenas. The three times Grammy award winner singer, songwriter and actor is one of the very few artists to have gained success quite early on in his career. His first album made it to the top ten in Canada and the UK. Michael Bublé tickets have more than one reason to be in high demand. Along with his amazing music abilities are the exceptional performance skills that are certain to give his fans a thrilling time in live concerts.


Michael Bublé


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Crooner Jazz Singer


Famous Songs

Dream a Little Dream of Me


Haven't Met You Yet

The classic jazz and soul singer and songwriter Michael Bublé was interested in music since the age of five. His passion and work from such an early age was destined to take him to heights of success. He finally entered the field of music professionally at the age of seventeen. Having won the Canadian Youth Talent Search, Michael Bublé made an indie album First Dance in 1996, on his own. That started the singing journey of this incredible heartthrob of today.


Earliest Endeavors

Michael Bublé is renowned for his childhood passion for singing. Showing interest in music at the age of five, Michael Bublé had decided on his career path quite early on in his life. He first demonstrated his talent to his family when he was thirteen. He sang May Your Days Be Merry and Bright in a car ride to them, completely convincing his family of his incredible singing abilities.


His first formal singing arrangements started when he turned sixteen. Facilitated by his grandfather, Michael started performing in nightclubs. Bublé’s first inspiration for music came from his father’s jazz collections and he decided then to go for the same genre as a career path. Michael Bublé never had formal training for writing lyrics, his songwriting abilities are a product of his love and passion for music.


Music Career

Michael Bublé’s entry into music was by a co-incidence. He was spotted singing at a business party and hired to perform at the wedding of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s daughter Carolina. A multi-Grammy Award winner producer David Foster saw Bublé’s performance at the wedding and eventually went on to sign him on the condition if Bublé could provide for the costs of production. Michael Bublé managed to arrange the finance, and went on to release his debut album Bruce Allen under Foster’s label. He also took some acting projects during this time.


The eponymous debut album by the star released in 2003 under the label of Reprise Records. It hit the charts and became a success. It climbed to the top of charts in the UK, Canada, Australia as well as South Africa. On the Billboard 200 this album secured the 50th position. In 2004, Michael Bublé won the ‘New Artist of the Year’ Award at the Juno Awards, and his album also received a nomination for ‘Best Album of the Year’.


His next albums also went on to receive much favorable response from public and earned him several awards. His latest album To Be Loved released  in April 2013, and debuted at number one on Billboard 200. This album is the fourth one by Michael Bublé to top Billboard 200 chart.


Apart from Music

Although Michael Bublé chose music over hockey as a professional path, his fiery interest for the game still lives on. Since 2008, he has been one of the most prominent celebrity supporters of the Vancouver Canucks and also co-owns the Vancouver Giants.


The incredible performer also has a philanthropic side. In 2009 Bublé donated a generous sum of money for the rehabilitation and betterment of the Black Saturday bushfire’s victims in Australia. He has also been supporting a number of charity organizations.

Did You Know?

  1. As a teenager, Bublé used to sleep with his Bible praying to become a singer.
  2. Bublé also wanted to play ice hockey professionally, but he was not good at it.
  3. His debut self-titled album in 2003 went Quadruple Platinum in Canada.
  4. Michael Bublé set the record of selling highest number of tickets at The Sydney Opera House in 2005.
  5. Michael Bublé’s new born son is named Noah.