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At the young age of twenty one, American rapper Mac Miller has already carved his niche in the competitive genre of hip hop. Known for his creative lyrics and command over several instruments, Miller has graced the covers of the most well-known hip hop magazines. After Snoop Dogg, he stands as the first independent musician to have reached the top spot on the Billboard charts.

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Mac Miller

Hit Songs:

Donald Trump, Party on Fifth Ave., Goosebumpz, Frick Park Market


The Space Migration Tour (2013)

Early Years and Influences

Mac Miller began playing musical instruments like the piano, guitar and drums from an early age. After developing a strong grasp over their arrangements, he decided to focus on the art of rhythm. His music style is inspired by artists like Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, and Big L. Miller released his first mixtape titled ‘But My Mackin' Ain't Easy' in the year 2007. Before embarking upon his solo career, he was a part of the rap group The II Spoken, with whom he released another mixtape called ‘How High'. Two years later, he came up with the solo albums ‘The High Life' and ‘The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown'. Within the same year Mac made it to the top four in MC competition, ‘Rhyme Calisthenics'.

By 2010, Mac Miller had made a name for himself in the music circles. Offers from various renowned record labels began to pour in for the rap sensation. It was with Rostrum Records that he finally decided to sign a contract. Under the label, he released the record ‘K.I.D.S', a collection of rap hits that took the music and internet world by storm.  Since then, there has been no looking back for the multi-talented artist who has rhythm in his fingers and wit in his lyrics.

On-Screen Presence

Mac Miller's strengths include his immense confidence, energy and star power that he exudes in front of camera. Shortly after signing a deal with Rostrum Records, Miller's media presence increased and he gave numerous interviews and impromptu freestyles all of which have become viral video classics on the YouTube.

Critical Acclaim

The rapper has been praised by many renowned publications of the US. Billboard dubbed him as ‘the new blueprint of success in the music industry.' The Washington Post stated, ‘Miller's skillful rhymes, humorous themes and upbeat demeanor are catching the nation by storm.' Mac was labeled by Complex Magazine as ‘The Steel City's Newest Rap Poster Boy,' while The New York Times commended the artist's level of focus on his fans by stating, ‘Miller's early plan to give away free music has paid off in big ways.'

Highlights and Offerings

Mac Miller's debut studio album ‘Blue Slide Park' topped the US Billboard chart. It sold as many as 145,000 copies within the first week of release. This was the first that an independently distributed debut record topped the charts since 1995's ‘Dogg Food' by The Dogg Pound. The album includes hits like ‘Donald Trump' and ‘Frick Park Market.' His recently released second album, ‘Watching Movies with the Sound Off' revealed the introspective side of the artist's music sensibility. The record debuted at number three on the Billboard chart. It's singles like ‘Goosebumpz' and ‘S.D.S' have taken the hip hop fans by storm.

The massive popularity of his early hits and strong social media presence led to sold out concerts by the artist. Starting from The Incredibly Dope Tour that was quickly followed by the internationally hit Blue Slide Park Tour, Mac Miller won the hearts of music enthusiasts every where he travelled. In 2012, he held two back to back live tours, namely The Macadelic Tour and Under the Influence Tour. With The Space Migration Tour underway, Mac Miller tickets are in great demand.

Interesting Facts...

  1. Mac Miller was named Social Star of the Year at the BMI Urban Awards 2012.
  2. He started his career with the stage name Easy Mac before changing it to Mac Miller.
  3. Towards the beginning of 2013, he was named as Complex Magazine's Man of Next Year.
  4. His appearance in MTV2's reality show ‘Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family' is the highest rated debut in the channel's history.
  5. Miller is the first local artist after Wiz Khalifa to sell out a venue in hometown Pittsburgh.