Larry The Cable Guy Tickets

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, popularly known by the character and stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is back on the road to treat his fans with a series of comedy shows. The versatile artist can pull off a range of genres including observational, satirical, redneck and character comedy. Besides a seasoned comedian, Larry is also renowned as a voice actor as well as a radio personality.

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Artist: Larry the Cable Guy

Comedy Style: Observational, Satirical

Hit Comedy Albums: The Right to Bare Arms, Morning Constitutions

Early Days

Larry grew up on a family farm until sixteen years of age. His father was a guitarist who had played along the Everly Brothers, while his mother was a part-time performer who carried off gigs as an Elvis impersonator. In 1979, Larry and his family shifted to the West Palm Beach in Florida. It is here where his sharp observations and witty one-liners began getting popular within his social circle, until one day he took to the stage at a comedy club as a dare by a friend. The experience was enjoyed by both Larry as well as the audience present at the venue. A couple of years later he decided to take up comedy as a professional career.

The Cable Guy Persona

Although the stage aura, jokes and antics of Larry received quite a lot of attention and appreciation, the artist still had to work his way up to attain the much deserved acclaim for his talents. He took on the job as a radio DJ and by 1991, he had gained the reputation of a mischievous caller, playing various characters that he had created for the stage. One of such characters was that of a television cable installer with a southern accent. The comedian introduced the character on the popular Bob and Tom Show on radio. He concluded a segment of the program with the line ‘Get ‘er done,’ which became the comedian’s signature line. With the success and popularity of his appearances and one-liners, Larry the Cable Guy was born.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Soon the comedian became acquainted with many like-minded friends, including another upcoming performer of the time, Jeff Foxworthy. The two jammed, telling each other hilarious jokes in an old country accent. Subsequently, Larry became a regular on Foxworthy’s Country Countdown Show. The breakthrough for Jeff and Larry however came when the two performed as part of the cast of the famous Blue Collar Comedy Tour. The event’s success led to the making of the movie ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour.’ Its premiere took place in November of 2003 and it is the highest rated movie in the history of the channel, Comedy Central.

Comedy Albums

Having acquired a devoted fan base through the tour, Larry came up with his debut full length CD by the name of ‘Lord, I Apologize.’ The title of the CD is derived from another popular one-liner by the comedian. The record sold over 500,000 copies and was eventually certified Gold. It also garnered Larry invitations to appear on numerous TV shows like ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly.’ Larry’s CD ‘The Right to Bare Arms’ debuted on the number one spot of the Soundscan Comedy chart, Top 200 chart as well as Country chart. The album also received a Grammy nomination. Larry’s following CD ‘Morning Constitutions’ topped the Billboard Comedy charts.

The Live Act

Larry’s live comedy routines have always attracted a large number of attendees. His shows boast a six figure audience on an average. This is despite the fact that the comedy artist is not fond of flying. He chooses to travel to his shows by a bus which is dubbed as ‘The Larry Mobile.’ Since he is now heading to your city, you can avail the chance of attending one of his current tour’s shows by purchasing Larry the Cable Guy tickets.

Did You know

  1. Larry is the author of the book ‘Git-R-Done’ which made it to the 26th number on the New York Times Bestseller List.
  2. In 2007, the comedian’s average income was quoted to be around $20 million by Forbes.
  3. The comedian’s CD ‘The Right to Bare Arms’ is the first comedy record to have topped the Country chart.
  4. Rolling Stone magazine has criticized his comedy material as ‘slightly dim’ and politically incorrect.
  5. Larry also appeared in the Blue Collar TV series in 2004, which was the second most rated show of its time.