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Lana Del Rey is now embarking on a three dates US pre-Ultraviolence album tour. With her Americana themed concerts, her heartfelt songs laced with soulful and mysterious voice have touched the hearts of many. The US Tour will kick start in April and plans to stop by Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Francisco. In support of her forthcoming third studio album, “Ultraviolence”, it is going to be more like a sneak peek into the real thing. She will also be performing her previous hits like Summertime Sadness and Born to Die. Lana Del Rey tickets are selling fast.


Lana Del Rey


Ultraviolence US Tour

Hit Songs:

Young & Beautiful, Summertime Sadness, Born to Die

Church Choir, Night Clubs to ‘Siren’

Lana Del Rey started singing as a part of the church choir when she was a kid. When she went to university and took up metaphysics as a subject, she got hooked to the notion that science and God are so closely related – and how she can actually look for the Holy Existence through science. Del Rey also refers to it as her first “musical” experience. As she started finding answers to her own existence through technology, she also found connections of her soul with. Eventually, her interest in music grew.

After university, Lana felt a little more adventurous and decided to take her musical talent to stage. This was when she started playing at pubs and nightclubs. Lana would just sing at random places night after night; it made her happy, even though she had no intention of taking it any further than that. However in 2005, her seven tracks CD was recorded, followed by the album “Siren” which led to her first tour featuring eighteen performances. The young artist had found her way into the music industry but there was still a long way to travel.

‘Born To Die’ and Mainstream

Following her eighteen-date tour, Lana Del Rey uploaded some of her songs with music videos on her YouTube channel. Through this channel, she was discovered by a representative of Stranger Records. They wanted to release her song Video Game, which was to become a stepping stone to her professional musical career. The very same month, she was also offered a record deal by Interscope Records as well as Polydor. She signed a joint venture to record her debut studio record. The record was titled “Born to Die” and officially hit the market in January, 2012. It debuted at number eleven on the music charts worldwide. By the end of the year, the album had entered the Billboard 200, where it remained for many weeks.

After the release of her third EP titled “Paradise”, Lana Del Rey won several awards and recognitions, making 2013 her official year of success. She was also awarded the “International Female Solo Artist” BRIT Award. In 2013, Del Rey also announced her upcoming short film by the name of “Tropico”. Under the direction of Anthony Mandler, it was filmed in June of 2013.

Tropico Premiere and Rey’s Closure

Lana Del Rey’s thirty minutes short film, Tropico premiered on 4th December. On the premiere, Del Rey told her fans that she really just wanted everyone; her friends, family and fans to be together on the launch of the film, so that she could put a closure to her past albums and move on. According to her, she had achieved that closure and was very happy. On the same day, she told her fans that her upcoming album will be titled “Ultraviolence” and that she had already started working on it.

In February, 2014, Lana Del Rey, while signing autographs for her fans on a street, announced the release date of the album. According to the media, the date 1st May was “accidently” blurted out by the artist. Also, she is going to embark on her three dates US tour that will take her to three different cities. It is said that she will be singing some of the songs from her upcoming album during the tour, further raising the anticipation in fans.


Did You Know

  • Lana Del Rey’s birth name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.
  • Although Rey has many idols, she calls Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain as her biggest inspiration.
  • Her songs National Anthem and Off to the Races revolve around her personal experiences of a sour relationship.
  • Rey loves to collect stock footage and then makes video collages.
  • In her mid-teens, she suffered from alcohol dependence.