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Battling for years to keep his weight in check, yet appearing with an even larger frame in his new film Grown Ups 2, Kevin James continues to be one of the most adored comedians of the day. The incredible comedian and actor has yet again proved his unfailing talent for comedy with his latest film released this July. Working along Salma Hayek in the sequel to the block buster Grown Ups, Kevin James is all prepared to set the fans roaring with laughter once again. The film has received a very warm response and has charged up the star further for his live stand-up comedy shows.  The  comic routines by him are much awaited by the fans, who are buying Kevin James tickets like hot cakes.


Kevin James

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The King of Queens

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Famous Quotes

“I think I invented the phrase ‘Don't overdo it'”.

“Now I'm starting to jog. But every time I jog, I have 9-1 pressed into my phone, with the next 1 ready to be launched in case I drop”.

The incredible writer, producer, comedian and comic actor Kevin James has been ruling the stand-up comedy arenas for more than two decades now, and he is still as distinguished and hilarious as ever. The talented comedian has been able to receive much acclaim for his amazing performances in TV sitcoms, movie roles and stand up performances.
The Beginning
Having a German ancestry, Kevin George Knipfing, popular as Kevin James, was born in Mineola, New York in 1965. The 48 year old star was a great athlete and wrestler in his school, and he also adopted wrestling as a profession for a while. His first attempt at stand-up comedy was an audition for a comedic part in a Shoreham Wading River Community Theater production. Kevin won that role and got a very positive response from the audience. It made him pursue his career in the comedy field.
His first official comedy performance was at East Side Comedy Club, in New York, in 1989. Soon after that Kevin landed comic roles in various TV shows, which established him as a quick witted and spontaneous comedian. He has appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', ‘Late Night with Conan O'Brien', ‘Dennis Miller Live' and many more. He has also done a stand-up routine in the Montreal comedy festival, ‘Just for Laughs”. Kevin James made it to the Comedy Central's list of 100 Greatest Stand-up Comedians as well.
The ‘King of Queens'
Having made quite a few appearances on Romano's “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Romano and Kevin wrote a script with Kevin intended as the lead role. Romano forwarded this script to CBS head who immediately accepted it. In September 1998, CBS premiered the sitcom “The King of Queens” with Kevin James as average Joe, Dough Heffernan. The eccentric characters and sharp-tongue dialogues lead the sitcom towards a steady success. The show continued till its ninth season gaining a lot of popularity, until its production was stopped in 2007.
Movie Career
Kevin James also started his film career in 2005, when he landed a role with Romano again in his 2005 movie, ‘Making the Cut: The Road to Pebble Beach'. The movie also earned a Sports Emmy nomination. The same year Kevin starred opposite Will Smith in the romantic comedy ‘Hitch'. 2010 brought a major breakthrough for Kevin when his movie ‘Grown Ups' came as a block buster hit and established Kevin James as one of the most appropriate person for lead roles in comedy films. The Dilemma in 2011, Hotel Transylvania in 2012, and Grown Ups 2, now in 2013 are some of the exceptional works done by the amazing comedian. Kevin James has a rich repertoire in all areas; television, movies and stand-up live performances, and he still refuses to slow down. Small wonder then it is that Kevin James tickets are quite a hot item.

Some Interesting Bits and Pieces

  1. Kevin is the younger brother of another infamous comedian, Gary Valentine.
  2. The WWE superstar Mick Foley and Kevin James were on the same wrestling team in high school.
  3. Kevin met his wife on a blind date arranged by his interior decorator.
  4. Kevin is raised a Catholic, and he is also a member of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity.
  5. Kevin James won at the ‘Just for Laughs' comedy festival in 1996.