Justin Timberlake Tickets

Justin Timberlake is bringing a series of concerts from his long awaited 20/20 Experience World Tour to the 02 Arena, London on 1st & 2nd of April and 10th of June. The fans have been waiting for this concert for a long time because it is going to be the first one at the arena since his Future Sex/Love Show Tour stopped here in June of 2007. Hence, the Justin Timberlake tickets are currently selling like hot cakes. The album, 20/20 Experience has been received well by the critics and fans.

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Artist: Justin Timberlake

Awards: 4 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards

Hit Songs: Cry Me a River, Sexy Back, What Goes Around, Comes Around

‘N Sync to “Justified”

Justin Timberlake served as one of the lead singers along with JC Chasez, when the band ‘N Sync was formed in 1995. After the release of their self titled album, the band found mainstream success within the United States. The album sold around eleven million copies. The following albums were successful as well and continued to earn the band worldwide fame. They rose to such prominence that they performed at major live events such as Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. During the band’s lifetime, it earned the status of being the third best-selling boy band in the history of music. In 2002, ‘N Sync went on hiatus. That was when Timberlake began his journey as a solo artist.

In November of 2002, Timberlake’s debut solo album “Justified” hit the market and debuted on Billboard 200 at number two. This gave rise to the young artist’s stardom as eventually ‘N Sync disbanded. His debut album sold seven million records around the world and included several top ten singles such as Rock Your Body and Cry Me A River.

“Future Sex/Love Sounds” and Acting

After 2004, and a brief controversy that followed Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl XXXVIII performance, Timberlake put his music career on hold. This was followed by his appearance in several feature films, which include Edison Force, Black Snake Moan, Alpha Dog and Southland Tales. After two years of success in the film industry, Timberlake returned to his recording career and released his second studio album by the name of “Future Sex/ Love Sounds” in September of 2006.

Once again, Timberlake’s album spread a wave through the music industry as it debuted on Billboard 200 at number one. The songs ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ and ‘Sexy Back’ from the same album hit number one spot on the Billboard 100. Two years later, Timberlake took home two Grammy Awards at the 50th Grammy Awards Ceremony.

Hiatus Yet Again, More Acting

2006 onwards, Justin Timberlake collaborated with several famous names of the music industry, including Madonna on the song 4 Minutes, which became an international hit and topped the charts in more than twenty countries. He also co-wrote the songs Falling Down and Nite Runner for Duran Duran’s studio album ‘Red Carpet Massacre’. Later on he collaborated with 50 Cent. After he wrapped up his tour in promotion of Future Sex/ Love Sounds in 2007, Timberlake yet again returned to the acting industry.

Smashing Comeback, “20/20 Experience”

In June of 2012, Justin Timberlake announced that he will start working on his third studio album. He also told the public that he wasn’t going to confine himself to any rules or style and simply let his creativity flow. His return to the music industry was marked by the release of the album, ‘20/20 Experience’s’ first song Suit & Tie in January of 2013. It was followed by his first live concert after four years which took place in New Orleans. In March, the album was released. Sequel to that, ‘20/20 Experience 2 – 2’ came out in September of 2013. Both of these albums included hit songs which Timberlake has decided to hit the road with, and this time around, he is taking his music across the world with the 20/20 Experience World Tour.


Things You Didn’t Know About Timberlake:

  • Timberlake was once in a relationship with Britney Spears, and still confesses that he hasn’t gotten over her
  • He is an avid bike rider and is owner of several Harley Davidsons
  • He prefers tequila over all other alcoholic drinks
  • Timberlake’s mother owns a production company and his father was a church choir director
  • When he was only 10, Justin sang at Grand Ole Opry.