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Being the ultimate musical tribute band for the Beatles, The Fab Faux is scheduled to appear at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Few ex-Wings and former Paul McCartney players will also be present. Those attending will not only have a chance to hear The Beatles songs but can also enjoy the great musical treatments of The Beatles that these tribute artists will present.



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The Beatles tribute band The Fab Faux is scheduled to appear at the Second Annual Lennon Bermuda Peace Day Concert, towards the end of this month. The tribute band is renowned for the live performance of The Beatles’ musical treatments in a manner that seems closest to the actual music performed by the legendary band of the sixties. The Fab Faux tickets are selling hot as fans are much excited to see their favorite stars live on stage once again.



The Beatles and The Fab Faux

Unmistakably, The Beatles has been amongst the best selling band in the United States. The legendary position of the band led to the springing up of several tribute bands. With uncountable awards and honors, and multiple titles of being the most influential and sought-after band, it is hardly a surprise for The Beatles to have so many tribute groups. One such tribute band is ‘The Fab Faux’. Although included in the list of tribute bands for The Beatles, this particular band is a separate entity in itself in the world of music.


The Beatles’ members were also known as the ‘Fab Four’, that is where the tribute band’s name comes from. The band Fab Faux was founded by Will Lee, who is also the founder of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Band’ now known as the CBS Orchestra and the bandleader of Conan as well. The Fab Faux performs live, even the music that The Beatles’ themselves never played live. Often their performances are accompanied by a string section, called Crème Tangerine Strings, and a horn section, called Hogshead Horns.



Know the Members

The Fab Faux has had many talented musicians as part of it. The current lineup includes, Will Lee, who is the founder and the bassist for the band. Jimmy Vivino is the guitar player for the band as well as the handler of keys. Frank Agnello is another guitarist and Rich Pagano is the drummer. Jack Petruzzelli also handles the keys and plays guitar as well. All five musicians are adept vocalists and have the ability not only to bring The Beatles’ music live on stage, but can also captivate their audiences with their irresistible voices and music.


The band also includes certain guest musicians, particularly for the scores on horns and strings routines. Some of the important guest members for playing horns were, Jerry Vivino, Tom Timko and Tom Malone. Sibel Finn played cello with the Fab Faux. For the backing vox and guitar tunes, Denny Laine, Andy York and Erin Hill came to perform with the tribute group as well. These and many other notable stars have performed along with this pentad to honor the remarkable music by The Beatles.


Performance Synopsis

The band’s formation dates go back to 1998 in New York. Their initial performances include appearances at the Bowery Ballroom, Nokia Theater, Webster Hall, Irving Plaza, the Beacon Theater and the Bottom Line. The shows by the Fab Faux usually have a pattern. One concert might be featuring all the psychedelic work by The Beatles and the second one will be a track-by-track performance of any album by The Beatles. The Fab Faux also has in its performance catalogue the post-Beatle solo material. The Fab Faux tickets continue to hold much interest for The Beatles’ fans, Rock and Roll devotees as well as the Faux’s own enthusiasts.

More about the Faux


  1. The band once participated in a CD of original material by The Beatle’s tribute bands.
  2. From 1999 to 2005, the Fab Faux performed three shows each year on ‘Beatle Week’ Festival in Liverpool, England.
  3. The founder for The Fab Faux, Will Lee, is the same person who founded the CBS Orchestra.
  4. Will lee has performed or recorded music with several music greats, including Bette Midler, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross as well as Paul McCartney himself.
  5. In 2008, the 10th Anniversary celebration of the band took place in Radio City Music Hall and it was a sold out show.