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Los Angeles Clippers are riding high on success following their first Division Championship win. Playing one of their best regular seasons this year, the Clippers presented a brilliant offense led by the 2013 MVP, Chris Paul and NBA All Star, Blake Griffin. With the newly recruited Doc Rivers as the head coach, the team is ready to put up great performance in the upcoming matches. Preseason matches are scheduled to start in October and the Clippers will be playing thrilling games against the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets, among others.

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Formation: 1970

Team Colors: Royal Blue, Red, White


Representing the Pacific Division, Los Angeles Clippers started their NBA career in 1970 and until 1984, had to relocate twice as well as see a change in their name. When the team started playing in the 70s, it was called Buffalo Braves and played its home games at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. In 1978 the team moved to San Diego and took up the name, San Diego Clippers. In its decade’s run, the Clippers were unable to bag any major victory and in 1982, were bought by a real estate agent, Donald Sterling. In 1984 the team once again shifted its home, this time moving to LA and since then has been playing as the Los Angeles Clippers. Since its formation the Clippers have drafted some of the most talented players and have had brilliant coaches, but somehow they always fail to transform their phenomenal playing into big wins. The team has been struggling for quite some time, until 2013, when they finally clinched their first Division title.


2013 Division Championship

Going on for 42 years without any major victory, 2013 proved to be a lucky year for the Clippers. In an edge of the seat match, they defeated the rivals LA Lakers with the final score 109-85. As the Los Angeles Clippers sealed their victory with a rebound, the Staples Center erupted in cheers as the fans gave the stars an enthusiastic ovation. Displaying great teamwork, the efforts of the then head coach Vinny Del Negro paid off as he had come into the season with big aspirations and a lot of expectations from the players. The star players in the championship game were Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Caron Butler and Jamal Crawford.


Home Arena

Staples Center has been the home arena of Los Angeles Clippers since 1999. The venue broke ground in 1998 and took only a year for completion, after which it became the home surface for Clippers and LA Lakers. Spread on 950,000 square feet, the center can accommodate more than 19,000 basketball fans. A multipurpose arena, it also hosts music concerts, boxing matches, ice hockey games as well as arena football. Outside the Staples Center there are statues of sports legends, mostly basketball players which include Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry West. Non-basketball players’ statues include that of ice hockey player, Wayne Gretzky and boxer, Oscar De La Hoya. 


Clippers this season

With the elite coach, Doc Rivers joining the Clippers this season, all eyes are on the team and how they perform in the preseason games. Los Angeles Clippers have retained their ace player, Chris Paul and Rivers will be looking at the superstar to direct on floor defense as well as help him in transforming the team’s culture. The Clippers have always been called competitive, no matter what the outcome of the match and under Rivers it’s expected that the competiveness will be enhanced. If the team manages to build a solid defense, predictions are that they are the likely contenders to reach the finals this year. Fans also have high hopes, which is why Los Angeles Clippers tickets for the upcoming matches are in great demand.

Did You Know…

  1. In 2012-13 regular season, Clippers sold out every game, becoming the sixth NBA team to do so.
  2. The Clippers Spirit Dance Team comprises of professional dancers and is the highlight of Clippers Game Entertainment.
  3. Clippers Jr. Jam Squad includes boys and girls of ages 6 -12 and is crowd favorite.
  4. Three Clippers players have been inducted into Hall of Fame.
  5. Chris Paul is the only NBA player to lead team in steals and assists in consecutive seasons.