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Violetta, the smash hit Disney teenage soap opera is about to embark on another tour. The television series has been a huge success especially among youngsters. The drama has gone on to become the heartbeat of millions to rank among the most successful ventures by Disney. This story of a young Argentinian girl who returns to her native city and country has captured the imagination of young viewers in multiple countries. Its road trip will provide fans a chance to experience what makes it so special up close and personal. Violetta is about to come to life on stage and no fan would want to miss it.

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Violetta has been a revelation. What started as a bit of an experiment to venture into the world of Argentinian television didn’t take too long to go big. Violetta received widespread acclaim from across the board and its debut season was watched by people in record numbers. It was a pretty good start for a teenage program and it has only gone more successful over the years. It is that success which paved the way for it to be converted into a live tour. Violetta tickets were bought by fans in impressive numbers the last time it went on the road and there is no reason to expect anything different this time as well.

How It All Began

It was the success of television shows like “Patito Feo” and “Floricienta” that attracted Disney towards making its own series for Latin, especially Argentinian audiences. The channel had begun to once again broadcast its shows in Argentina as that was thought of being an attractive market. The shooting began in the latter half of 2011 which went on for about seven months.

Martina Stoessel was brought onboard to play the lead role and Violetta premiered in the year 2012. The first two regions where it was telecasted were Italy and Latin America. The inaugural season went on air on 25th October.

Second Season and More Success

The immense success of the first season enabled the management to work on its second season. Shooting commenced on 1st November 2012 and the season began its broadcasts in April 2013. It was another hugely successful season and the cast also went on a tour in order to promote the show. Just like Violetta the TV show, the road trip also turned out to be a big hit.

Soundtracks from the play have also received a lot of acclaim from the masses. Tracks like “Violetta,” “Cantar es lo que soy” and “Hoy somos mas” have all gone platinum or above in more than one country. Not only that but Violetta has also had its own magazine and sticker album hit the market to commemorate what has been an incredibly fruitful journey for everyone involved with the production.


The story of Violetta revolves around a teenage girl who has a special talent for singing but she doesn’t know that. She returns to her native Buenos Aires after spending a few years in Europe and that is when she first begins to learn about her singing credentials. She enrolls in a prestigious music school and meets Leon and Tomas, two boys who fall in love with her. Violetta’s adventures take her on musical journeys that has swept the young fans off their feet.

Violetta has won multiple awards in different categories like the “Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina” and “Martin Fierro Awards”. It has also been nominated for prestigious accolades like “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards” and “Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico” to name a few. This is just the beginning of what has been till now a more than impressive journey for this wonderful show. Bigger and better things are expected in the future and that can only be great news for the young fans everywhere.


Did You Know?

  • Every episode of the television show of Violetta consists of original songs.
  • A movie has also been made based on the show.
  • The cast performed a series of sixty shows in 2013 and each one of those sold-out.
  • An impressive two hundred thousand Violetta tickets were sold for the sixty performances in 2013.
  • The song Violetta has been certified four times platinum in Argentina, two times platinum in Poland and has earned platinum status in Spain, Venezuela and Uruguay.