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The King of all Elvis Presley tribute artists, Trent Carlini is going to continue his performances at the Las Vegas Hotel, where Presley himself rocked the stage decades back. The Trent Carlini tickets for the upcoming shows are in great demand and selling fast. Labeled as the “one true tribute”, King Starring Trent Carlini cannot be called an imitation. It is more of a homage to the legend’s life and work. Carlini’s show focuses more on the time that Presley spent on the silver screen. This is not all; Carlini’s wife joins the show too. Ashley Carlini dances her way through the show with her co-stars, representing the women dancers that performed side by side Presley.

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Trent Carlini


The King Starring Trent Carlini


Shimmer Cabaret – Las Vegas Hotel

Heartbreak Elvis – Ultimate Tribute

Claimed by many as the “best” Elvis tribute show, The King Starring Trent Carlini has been entertaining the Presley fans and keeping his music alive for years. In 2007, Carlini was honored with the “Next Best Thing” ABC Award for being the “greatest” celebrity impersonator. There are two categories of people – ones who go ahead and define future and those that relive the legacy left by the ones that made a mark – Carlini took up the stage years back, planning to revive the memory of the legend who defined the music of his era and gave roots to the modern music.

Trent Carlini show is nothing like any other Presley tribute show. He not only brings the legend on stage, but also improvises. The way he manages to draw in a huge crowd is the evidence that he is the favorite impersonator of Las Vegas. In Shimmer Cabinet, with 350 seats, he manages to bring back the Presley era within the four walls, with the help of his co stars, including his wife, Ashley. The best part about Carlini is that he does not try too hard to “be” Elvis.  He is very much himself throughout the show. His performance clearly presents his image of an “Elvis’s lover” and not Elvis’s imitator.

After a set of performances, as the show draws closer to its end, Carlini asks the audiences to stand up in line for the legend. After this, the white curtains are drawn and Carlini goes behind them, as the lights reflect his silhouette from behind the veils. There, he mourns a bit for the loss of his idol. In one of his interviews he told the public that he gets closest to Elvis when he sings his songs, and that’s the best experience he has ever had.

The Man behind the Show

Born in Chicago, Trent Carlini became a die heard fan of rock n roll when he was only five. That was when he started playing guitar, and within a few years, music had become the most important thing in his life. When he was in his teens, he moved to Italy and attended school there. During that time, he recorded a few of his own songs. In 1987, he decided to move back to the US; there he started performing at random clubs in Florida. Eventually he started listening to more of Elvis Presley, and after the legend’s death, he made up his mind to devote his musical talents in honoring the life of the legend. Today, Carlini is truly living the “dream”, reinventing the music of his idol in Vegas. He has presented several different productions of his tribute shows, including The Dream King and The King Starring Trent Carlini.

The Legend – Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley, the man who literally took the music industry by storm, lived through the time that has been labeled as the “Elvis Presley Era”. Titled as the “King of Rock and Roll”, Presley became a cultural icon of the 20th century. His music career initiated with the help of Sam Philips, with whom he started to work. Eventually he became the industry’s leading rock n’ roll star. However, Presley wanted to experiment his skills further and decided to take up acting. His debut film was “Love Me Tender”. During his lifetime, he earned numerous awards and recognitions for both, his acting and singing career, and his legacy lives forevermore.


Did You Know

  • Behind Michael Jackson, Presley still remains Forbes’ top earning dead musician.
  • The name Elvis means “wise” in Old Norse.
  • Presley had a pet named Scatter, who was a chimp and used to drink scotch with him.
  • A minor planet, discovered by Australian astronomer is named after Elvis.
  • Elvis Presley is the youngest recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.