Styx Tickets

A band cited among the pioneers of progressive rock, Styx’s music has warmed the hearts of millions for more than five decades. Filled with evocative lyricism, their music layers strong percussion and riveting guitar solos together. The band is especially known for their powerful ballads and artistic theatrical based live performances. Launching their latest tour after their most recent reunion, Styx is performing live in various cities of the United States. Join them in one of their live shows at a venue nearby you and listen to some of their lasting and new hits.

Artist: Styx

Genre: Progressive Rock

Hit Songs: Lady, Babe, The Best of Times, Mr. Roboto, Too Much Time on My Hand

Formation and Stints of Success


Styx’s basis goes back to the early 60s when it emerged as a musical collaboration between the brothers, John and Chuck Panozzo. The brother duo began jamming and was joined by their neighborhood friend, Dennis De Young. Naming the band as The Tradewinds, the trio began performing at the local gigs until they renamed as TW4. The band gained a reasonable local fan following with some of their original songs and was then joined by the guitarist, James “J.Y.” Young. Young’s guitar driven sound gave the band a new music dimension and they started to plan their first album.


Styx’s debut self-titled record was released in September 1972. The album didn’t chart but with the help of live shows, the band expanded their fan base. The next album, Styx II came out in July1972 and charted at 20th on the Billboard 200. This success fueled up the record sales and it was certified as Gold. Two of the next four albums, Equinox (1975) and Crystal Ball (1976) made it to the Billboard 200 chart and received Gold and Platinum certifications. These successful records coupled with their continuous live shows made the band an active music force in the country.


Breakthrough and First Breakup


The years between 1977 and 1981 are considered the golden period for Styx’s career as they ruled the music charts in many countries with their series of hit records and singles. Four of the band’s albums, The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, Cornerstone and Paradise Theater proved to be Multi-Platinum records. In 1983 Styx came up with another album, Kilroy Was Here that reached at three on the Billboard 200 and went Platinum. After headlining Kilroy Tour, the band split up and some of the band members went on to pursue a solo music career.


Reunion, Decline and Revival

After 1989, Styx reformed and began working on their next recording. Edge of the Century was released in 1990 and it made its way to the Billboard 200. It was certified Gold in the US and the band returned to touring. Despite of this success, the band lost their contract with their record label and the artistic differences within the band members led to its breakup once again. Styx remained inactive in the music scene until their new studio record; Brave New World came out almost after a decade in 1999. Post 2000s brought the band back to the music scene and marked their revival.


In Recent Times


With the final lineup changes, the band began steering their career in a new direction. Infusing different elements of modern music into their signature sound, Styx released Cyclorama in 2003. Their latest studio record was Big Bang Theory which was released in 2005. Their post 2005 work includes two EPs and some compilation and live albums with The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight Live being their latest music effort.


James “J.Y.” Young, Tommy Shaw, Ricky Philips, Todd Sucherman and Lawrence Gowan conclude the current lineup of the band. With a renewed perspective and devotion, these members are ready to take the band’s career to new levels of success and acclaim.


Styx Live


With all the efforts centered on their new music ventures, the band has started their latest concert series and is entertaining their fans across the US. Styx tickets are in great demand as fans are enthusiastic to see their beloved band perform live once again. Be a part of one of their shows and enjoy their electrifying live performances.


Did You Know…

  • The band’s name is based on the Greek mythological river.
  • Styx recorded their 1983 album, Kilroy Was Here by using the solar powered equipment.
  • Their Kilory Tour for the concept album had proper dialogues and costumes for their theatre-based live performances.
  • Styx was the first group to be awarded Multi-Platinum certifications for their four consecutive records.
  • Some of the lyrics for their song, Mr. Roboto were written in Japanese.