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The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra is a professional orchestra company based in San Antonio, Texas. Housed in the historic Majestic Theater, the orchestra also performs all its recitals there. The orchestra’s season usually runs from September to June, and features multiple concerts of both classic and contemporary pieces. This season, one of the standout performances by the orchestra will be the classical masterpiece, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, which you can watch by buying San Antonio Symphony Orchestra tickets.

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Over the years interest in classical music has unfortunately dwindled, as contemporary music takes the forefront. As a result, most orchestra’s have been involved in financial difficulties due to lack of support. Keeping that in mind, the orchestra now performs a shorter season, but is still renowned the world over as one of the best orchestra’s in the country.


The orchestra was founded in 1939 by Max Reiter, a German-Italian immigrant to the United States, who had to move to Texas from New York since New York was reeling from the blows of the Great Depression. On his arrival in Texas, the aspiring musician first stopped at Baylor University where he worked with the college orchestra, and after finding success there, was persuaded to move to San Antonio.

On 12th June 1939, he performed at a demonstration concert in the Sunken Garden Amphitheater. Following rave reviews, Reiter decided to form a new orchestra company there and became the San Antonio Symphony’s first artistic director.

The orchestra grew at a rapid pace and by 1943 was already employing seventy five professional musicians and by the 1944-45 season its operating budget was in the excess of 100,000 dollars. One of the main reasons behind this was the fact that it was the only such company in all of Texas and one of only nineteen in the whole country.


The company was one of the few that managed to survive World War II, mostly because of the large deployment of the armed forces in the area. That helped to bolster the area’s economy and the orchestra remained functional and popular through the war years.

Prior to his death, Reiter had initiated an Opera Festival and created an Opera Chorus, which brought nationwide attention to the company. Multiple world renowned artists and composers premiered their work with the orchestra, and it slowly gained a reputation as being one of the best such company’s in the country. As the company grew in stature, it added Young People’s Concerts to its season and in 1967 the orchestra recorded its first major album under Mercury Records.

The 1990’s were a hugely successful decade for the orchestra as it gained international recognition for its culturally diverse and creative programming. The company was awarded numerous awards and honors for their efforts, which included awards from the national Endowment for the Arts, American Symphony Orchestra League, the Knight Foundation and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).  The orchestra continues to follow the tradition of excellence its long history entails, and even today is one of the most accomplished symphony orchestras in the world.

Swan Lake:

Swan Lake is a famous ballet composed by Russian maestro Pytor Ilych Tchaikovsky and is considered one of his finest works. Based on Russian folk tales and fashioned after them, the ballet revolves around the tragic story of Odette, a beautiful princess, who is put under an evil sorcerer’s curse and becomes a swan. Tchaikovsky’s score for the ballet is considered one of his greatest achievements, and the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra will be performing the original score as part of its 2013-2014 season. 


Interesting Facts:

  • One of history’s greatest violinists, Jascha Heifetz performed with the orchestra during its inaugural season.  
  • In its long history, the orchestra has had only missed two seasons, and that was due to financial difficulties.
  • The orchestra is committed to providing music education to the community and reaches out to more than forty thousand students annually.
  • Among some of the international music conductors who have performed with the orchestra are Igor Stravinsky, Sir Thomas Beecham, and Dimitri Mitropolous.
  • Sir Beecham, after performing with the orchestra called it “among the few leading orchestras of this country,” and Mitropolous stated, “This orchestra can compete with any orchestra in this country or Europe.”