Pearl Jam Tickets

Famous for their rebellious sound, potent musicianship and groovy rhythms, Pearl Jam is among the headliners of grunge and alternative rock. Due to their bracing music records and international achievements, the group is one of the greatest bands of the 90s. Their convention-defying music practices distinguish them from rest of the musicians in the business. An active touring force since their formation, Jammers are set to play their newest hits during their tour in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Head bang to their electrifying performances when they hit your city.

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Artist: Pearl Jam

Awards: 5 American Music Awards, 4 MTV Music Awards, 1 Grammy

Hit Songs: Man of the Hour, Spin the Black Circle, Jeremy, Last Kiss

Rise of the Grungers

The band burst onto the music scene during 1990s when the grunge movement in Seattle was on the rise. Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, being the key members of the group, laid the foundation of the Pearl Jam with Eddie Vedder and Mike McCreedy. This quartet sharing a common vision, pooled their talents for their first album. The drummer, Matt Cameron joined the band in 1998.


Inspired from real-life incidents and dark themes, Ten was released in August 1991.This very first album marked the epic success of the band. It stood second on the Billboard 200 and was a Multi-Platinum record in the US, Canada and Australia. This trailblazing success set the stage for their live shows as well as smoothed way for their next studio album. Vs. was released in October 1993 and within a short span it landed at the top of the charts. It turned out to be another Multi-Platinum record.


Staggering Success

A series of promising events followed that took the band to the peak of commercial and critical success. Employing their instinctive style, the band launched its third studio album Vitalogy in December 1994. Churning out hits like Not for You, Spin the Black Circle and Immortality, the album topped the charts and became an international success. This time, the group also racked-up multiple awards including a Grammy.


Refreshing their musical perspective, Pearl Jam released their next album No Code in August 1996. Topping the charts, the record spawned many hits and went Platinum. In the coming years, the band launched several chart-topping albums that extended the prospects of their prominence. Among others, albums like Yield, Binaural, Riot Act and Pearl Jam are the most popular. Pearl Jam celebrated this repetitive success with their fans by presenting their shows at different venues.


Recent Ventures

The band came up with their 9th studio album Backspacer in September 2009. The record restored the group’s top position on the US charts. A bit new in sound, this album had a tinge of pop and new wave to it and became extremely popular with the listeners. Spending almost four years on working for their new album, Pearl Jam is ready to release their latest album Lightning Bolt this fall.


The launch of the new music video Mind Your Manners from the album and announcement of the tour dates have caused a stir among the band’s fans. Pearl Jam tickets are selling fast due to the hype of this most anticipated rock event of the season.


Jamming Live!

Pearl Jam will be performing live throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand during their 2013-14 tour. Their concerts are filled with heavy sound and positively charged performances. Experience one of their live shows when Pearl Jam plays live in your city.

Did You Know…

  1. Pearl Jam’s debut album Te, was a 13x Platinum record and spent over two years on the Billboard 200.
  2. Band’s single Jeremy, their most acclaimed song won them a Grammy and four MTV Video Music Awards.
  3. The group has sold almost 60 million records globally out of which 31.5 million sold in the US alone.
  4. Allmusic has cited the band as “the most popular American rock & roll band of the ‘90s”.
  5. Pearl Jam’s song Man of the Hour from Tim Burton’s Movie Big Fish was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.