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Mac King combines various comical routines and eye-popping magical tricks in one show to entertain fun lovers. Filled with hilarity and original antics, his exclusive The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is rated among the top live shows of Vegas. Due to his unique abilities and funny magic renditions, King has been hailed by the media as well as by the renowned magicians. Besides his private shows and numerous television performances, King hosts his nightly show at the Hurrah’s Las Vegas. Be a part of one of his shows to enjoy the twisted blend of mindboggling acts and rib-tingling routines.

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Mac King


Comedy Magic

Popular Shows:

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Mac King School of Magic, The World’s Greatest Magic

Early Life and Shows

Mac King got fascinated by magic when he saw his grandfather performing different tricks. As a kid, he studied different books on the subject and performed for his family and friends at different gatherings. His first paid show as a child magician was his friend’s birthday party where he was given five bucks for his magic acts.

After graduating in 1981, he gained reasonable success through his live shows and performances at different venues with the fellow magician, Lance Burton. The fame earned through these shows paved way for his first television performance and King performed his acclaimed tricks at the shows like An Evening at the Improv and Comic Strip Live. These shows introduced him to the general audiences and King soon became a revered name in the national live entertainment and television.

International Acclaim and Popularity

The visual appeal and universality of his shows attracted the attention of audiences from around the world and Mac King took his shows to multiple countries in the Europe, Australia and Asia. By the start of the 90s, he was not only headlining his shows in the US and abroad but also performing for big organizations like AT&T, Nissan and others.

Television Appearances and other Ventures

In the mid-90s, King performed his routines at The World Greatest Magic and later became the only magician to appear in all the series of the show. He also entertained millions of viewers by performing in the famous shows such as Donny and Marie Show, Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets and The World’s Wildest Magic. Amazing response and popularity of these shows garnered King the attention of many hotels and casinos.

In 2000, he accepted the offer of a full-time show at the Hurrah’s Las Vegas and performed his regular shows to massive crowds. During the time, he was also named the Best Magician and his show was called the Best Bargain Show for eight times by the Best of Las Vegas. The original two years contract was then extended further and now for more than a decade, King has performed thousands of shows to millions of attendees. Mac King tickets have always sold well and his acts are among the top rated live shows in Vegas. Today, besides headlining his special nightly show in Vegas, Mac King also hosts big events and organizational gatherings as well as continue to grace multiple television shows.

Mac King Live

Mac King ingeniously combines light humor with his perfectly timed tricks to play with the minds of the audiences. Due to his effective technique and authentic acts, he connects with the attendees and that is what makes The Mac King Comedy Magic Show a visual treat for a variety of attendees. Be a part of his upcoming show at the Hurrah’s Las Vegas or look out for his schedule to catch him live for a great evening of fun, comedy and magic in your city.


Top Five Reviews

  1. “Best magic show in Las Vegas” – Dallas Morning News
  2. “A delightful blend of deception and drollery” – Walt Disney Imagineering
  3. “Looking like a dressed-up hayseed, but displaying an impish wit that belies his look. A ‘Best Bet’ for the weekend.” – Los Angeles Times
  4. “Mac King is a genius” – Playboy Magazine
  5. “Las Vegas’ best entertainment value” – Las Vegas Review Journal