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There are several comedy clubs and acts in Las Vegas; however, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club takes funny to a whole new level. Las Vegas Live Comedy Club shows, which will be arranged in the months of January and February, will be featuring some of the finest comedians from Vegas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. If you are planning a trip to Vegas, or happen to be going through the lows, join artists like Brandt Tobler, Don Barnhart, Andrew Sleighter, Tony Barker and many others to laugh away your worries. The Las Vegas Live Comedy Club tickets are now available at discounted rates.

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Las Vegas Live Comedy Club


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Don Barnhart – Comedian and Hypnotist

Don Barnhart, the multitalented comedian, author, hypnotist and motivational speaker is often the headlining act at Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. Last that he was seen making the crowd laugh out loud with was in November, at Planet Hollywood. Barnhart has been the recipient of a number of awards and recognitions, which include grand prizes that were given to him by Improv Comedy Club, Talenthouse and Levity. He was also honored with the “International Performing Artist” Bob Hope Award. Over the years, he has headlined some of the best known comedy clubs, especially within Vegas. The fans and critics often compare his energy and character with Robin Williams. He is also compared to the likes of George Carlin for his deep insight and wit.

Tony Baker’s Observational Comedy

Known for his self effacing material and observational comedy, Tony Baker has made it to some of the prominent comedy clubs of Vegas and L.A. over the years. He has also been the featured comedian of Comedy Central’s Gabriel Iglesias Presents Standup Revolution, season two. On the top of the list of his accomplishments in the industry are victories at Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Competition and 37th Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Apart from that, Baker has also performed at the NACA Nationals and Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. In the recent months, Baker has headlined several Las Vegas Live Comedy Club shows as well, and will be returning to the stage once again soon.

Brandt Tobler the Back-Yarder

If you follow the funny in the local L.A. comedy clubs, then Brandt Tobler is a name you must have come across. Taking the advice of acclaimed comedian Doug Stanhope, Tobler didn’t sit and wait around for that big break – instead, he created one for himself. He started to perform in his backyard, where he earned his initial fan base. From there, he started being featured in L.A.’s local comedy clubs and gradually made it as a headlining act. He has been the headliner of Las Vegas Live Comedy Club in the past and is expected to bring his hilarious comedy to the Comedy Club stage again this spring.

Andrew Sleighter and Decency

Being a person who is continuously struggling to lay down his vulgar decency arguments, Andrew Sleighter chose comedy as his outlet long ago. He is regularly seen performing in comedy clubs around the country. He is seen entertaining the students in colleges with his routines. He has appeared in several important comedy festivals such as Johnny Carson Great American Comedy Festival and Bridgeton Comedy Festival. Apart from being a standup act, Sleighter is also a blogger and writer and has been a regular writer for Comedy Central’s Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. Along with the other headlining acts, he will be entertaining the fans at the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club this spring as well.


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