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John Oates is a famous American rock, soul, R&B musician and song writer who rose to fame as one half of the soul and rock duo, Hall & Oates. The duo has been active in the music industry since the 1970’s and has released eighteen studio albums, eleven live albums and twenty seven compilation albums. Their music is considered a corner stone of the soul rock genre, and the duo has sold thirteen million certified albums all over the world. To catch one half of the biggest name in the soul rock genre live in action, buy John Oates tickets now and book your place in his live concerts. 


John Oates


Soul, Pop Rock, Soul Rock

Notable Collaborators:

Daryl Hall

Oates’s main role in the Hall & Oates duo was primarily as a guitarist, but he has also contributed vocals to numerous tracks by them. He also wrote and produced many of their songs, which is why he is considered as one of the greatest all round musicians in the industry.

Early Life:

John Oates was born in New York City in 1949. He was very young when the whole family shifted to a small town outside Philadelphia. Oates started singing and playing guitar at a young age and was heavily influenced by the folk music and R&B of the area. Hints of this particular blend of music can be found heavily in his later work.

After completing his highs school education, Oates enrolled in Temple University, where he met musician and future band mate Daryl Hall. They started performing together occasionally, and would also play with side projects. The two finally decided to perform together and formed the duo, Hall & Oates in 1970.  They signed with Atlantic Records in 1972. 

Hall & Oates:

The formation of the Hall & Oates duo was based on a common love for that unique sound which they got by meshing contemporary rhythm and blues with the rural roots of American music. After their formation, the duo went on to record twenty one successful albums which have sold over eighty million units. Their albums have spawned ten number one hits and more than twenty top 40 hits. The duo’s status as one of the biggest acts of the past years was cemented by their historic performances at the first ever Live Aid concert and the We Are The World charity recording.

In recognition of the duo’s achievements in music, they have been recognized by numerous Award institutions.  The duo has been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards and has won multiple MTV and American Music Awards. They were inducted to the prestigious Song Writers Hall of Fame in 2005 and in 2008 they were the recipients of the BMI Icon Award.  The duo is slated to be into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame this year.

Solo Career:

Following his success with Daryl Hall, Oates became one of the most popular producers in the industry. His production credits include songs by Eddie Kendricks, Chris Sheppard, Parachute Club and David Ruffin. He has also written / co-written songs for numerous artists including Denny Doherty, Brian McKnight and After 7.

In 2002, after almost thirty years of being a chart topping artist, Oates released his first ever solo album, Phunk Shui. The album was a moderate success for Oates and has been re-released several times since then, with new bonus tracks being added each time. Oates released his second solo album, 1000 Miles of Life, in 2008 and added MississippiMile to his discography in 2012.

One of the legends of the rock music genre, Oates performs regularly all over the country. His status as a musician is such that John Oates tickets sell out pretty fast once they go on sale. So book your tickets now if you want to catch the artist live in concert. 


Interesting Facts:

  • During the 1960’s, Oates was already writing songs and one of his songs, “I Need Love”, garnered significant airplay.
  • Oates attended his first live concert at the age of four, and saw Bill Haley and the Comets perform live.
  • Oates is an avid collector of classic records and has treasures from Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Conway Twitty and Little Richard.
  • Oates created, and is executive producer of the “7908 the Aspen Songwriters Festival”, which is an annual event held at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.
  • With over eighty million records sold, John & Oates are undisputedly the greatest and most successful duo in rock history.