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Jim Jefferies has a lot to look forward to in the year 2014. February will see him star in his hit comedy series ‘Legit’ once again as the show begins its second season. Not only that, but Jefferies will also embark on a road trip beginning Valentine’s Day which will take him to different parts of the country. This is just the start of a year that promises to be an important one in this fabulous comedian’s career. Jim Jefferies has made sure that he remains under the spotlight since he first came on to scene not too long ago. He has had to work hard to reach where he is now and that is a testament to his character and determination. He plans on beginning 2014 with a bang and he has all the talent to do that.

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Jim Jefferies


Stand-up Comedy

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One of the fastest rising stars of the comedy world, Jim Jefferies is about to kick start his latest road trip. His star has been on the rise for the last few years and he now looks ready to claim his stake as one of the most hilarious artists on the circuit today. Jefferies will now be coming to perform at some of the most famous arenas around the country, much to the delight of his fans. And if Jim Jefferies tickets sales for his performances are any indication, then it will be one to watch out for. 2014 is about to witness some serious dose of comedy and you can now be a part of the ride as well.

Early Years

Born in Australia, Jim Jefferies had always been into comedy. He performed for the first time when he was only seventeen years old. He performed two shows, the first of which was well received whereas the second didn’t really make people in attendance fall off their chairs with laughter. That told Jefferies that he still needed to do some work and work he did. He spent a lot of time honing his skills and that played a big part in helping him turn things around.

First Taste of Fame

Jim Jefferies made headlines on a much larger scale for the first time in the year 2005. That year he performed at the famous “The Montreal ‘Just for Laughs’ Festival.” The “Nasty Show” where Jefferies was performing turned out to be a big success and was one of the most talked about acts of that particular festival.

He then made his way to the Edinburgh festival next year and brought the roof down every time he stepped on to the stage to perform. More acclaim and media coverage came his way because of that. 2007 saw him return to The Montreal Festival. This time, he had a solo run which lasted a week with every performance being sold-out. Jefferies began to perform regularly across Europe, especially the United Kingdom where he started to make headlines.

Move to the U.S.

After becoming a celebrity in the UK, Jim Jefferies then decided to make his way to the United States. It didn’t take him too long to make his mark and his performances in “I Swear to God” brought him to the attention of the masses in the year 2009. Jefferies then got to work on his own podcast which also did quite well.

He then left the podcast in the year 2012 to focus on his upcoming show “Legit”. The program made its debut on FX on 17th January, 2013 and became quite a big hit, making fans everywhere. The first season consisted of thirteen episodes and the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the show received from all corners is what paved the way for its second season.

Jim Jefferies is on a roll and has received widespread acclaim from across the board. He has his own style which is brash and crude to say the least but it has served him well. He doesn’t plan on changing and his fans are in for a treat with that being the case.

Did You Know?

  • Jim Jefferies did his podcast with Eddie Ifft.
  • Legit takes inspiration from Jefferies’ real life experiences.
  • He was once attacked by a heckler in 2006 while performing in Manchester.
  • He is a regular guest on The Opie and Anthony Show.
  • Jim Jefferies has a bit of a phobia for bananas.