Jake Bugg Tickets

Highly precocious and able, Jake Bugg weaves his music records with strong musicality and rich lyrical material. His mature musicianship enables him to write and record songs which are filled with contemporary music elements yet they stand out from mainstream buzz. The widespread commercial and critical acclaim earned within two years of professional career puts Bugg among the youngest multi-instrumentalists, singers and songwriters. Kicking off his latest tour after the release of his sophomore album, Bugg will be hitting different venues throughout the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Enjoy his newest hits by catching him live in your city.

Artist: Jake Bugg

Genre: Indie Rock, Folk

Hit Songs: Two Fingers, Lightning Bolt, Broken, What Doesn’t Kill You, Slumville Sunrise

A Star in the Making

Jake Bugg’s interest in music came from his parents who themselves had recorded their own music for some time. He grew up listening to artists such as The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Paul McLean, who became his inspirations. Bugg’s quest to be a professional musician started when he got his first guitar at twelve. Besides making some of his early songs, he enrolled for a music course but soon dropped out. By the age of 16, he was writing and performing some of his original songs at the local gigs.

His talent captured the attention of BBC and they chose him as part of their lineup for the 2011 Glastonbury Festival. Bugg’s performance was highly appreciated by the attendees and soon he landed a recording deal with the Mercury Records. This was the time when his music got a direction and he began to work on his first album.

Music Debut

Collaborating with songwriters like Crispin Hunt and Iain Archer, Jake Bugg co-wrote all of his songs from the first album. Mixing his youthful style with in depth understanding of music, Bugg released his debut self-titled record in October 2012. The album met with positive reviews from the critics and instantly became a hit with the listeners. It topped the UK Albums chart and earned a Platinum certification. Bugg also received nominations for Brit and NME Awards and became the new promising artist to win a Q Award. This warm commercial and critical reception exposed his music to the international listeners.

Television Exposure and Second Album

Throughout 2012, Jake Bugg played his concerts in different cities and also began to work for his new album. In 2013, he performed in different US shows and expanded his international fan base. Notable appearances on shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Show with David Letterman and Conan garnered him wide media coverage. After mid-2013, his efforts for the new studio record paced up and he returned to the studio for recordings.

Bugg’s second and latest record, Shangri La came out in November 18, 2013 and has created a buzz among the fans. Tracks such as Slumvillle Sunrise and What Doesn’t Kill You confirmed his status as one of the finest young artists. With a fresh perspective about music, Jake Bugg is ready to take his career to new level of success and acclaim.

Jake Bugg Live

Jake Bugg’s concerts feature his hottest hits and power-packed live performances. As part of his new tour, he has lined up shows in various cities of UK, Australia and the US. Jake Bugg tickets are witnessing mounting sales after the announcement of his headlining tour. Attend one of his shows at your nearby venue to enjoy his beautiful tracks live.

Did You Know…

  • Jake Bugg is the youngest solo musician to have his debut album at the top of UK Albums chart.
  • The crackle part of his song Fire was recorded on his iPhone.
  • Allan Edgar Poe’s Ligeia is Jake Bugg’s favorite book.
  • Four of his songs from his debut album are demo versions and they were included by the Mercury Records just the way they were recorded.
  • One of his songs, One Place was written when he was 15.