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The alternative rock band Imagine Dragons got exposure after their first studio album released last year in September, titled ‘Night Visions’. The album not only brought the band immense stardom and fan following but also opened doors for public exposure like their appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live! The band was not only named as the ‘Breakthrough Band of the year’ by the Billboard but their single ‘Radioactive’ also received the title of being the biggest hit of the year. The talented performers are all set for the upcoming ‘Into the Night Tour’ where they will be going city to city, rocking their fans. Imagine Dragons tickets are in a very high demand as fans can hardly contain their excitement to see their favorite stars perform live.

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Night Visions

One of the most sought after alternative rock bands ‘Imagine Dragons’ is back again with a delight for its fans. They have performed on two tours previously and the third one is underway. Considering how immensely famous the previous tours were, this one is going to be the same and even better. ans anticipate this sensational band’s live performance as well as more of their singles and albums.

The History So Far

Imagine Dragons was not like a pre-planned group. The gems in the band came together one by one. In fact, formation of the band can be traced back only to the duo Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman meeting up as students of the same university sometime in 2008. Daniel Wayne was later added by Tolman who then also brought Brittany Tolman as a backup singer and keys player. Wayne then went on to bring another talented member to the group, Ben McKee, to complete the band’s lineup.

The ensemble stayed together in Las Vegas and released three EPs. The first one was named Imagine Dragons EP which was followed by Hell and Silence EP and then the third one, It’s Time. The first major breakthrough for the band came in 2010 when they got the chance of performing at the Las Vegas Festival in front of over 26,000 people. From then on the band was set on an upward trajectory towards stardom and it is still moving up the path.

The Jump Forward

Imagine Dragons were signed by Interscope Records in 2011. By that time Andrew and Brittany Tolman had disbanded. Theresa Flaminio and Daniel Platzman were brought in as their replacement. Another EP was released with this modified lineup in 2012, titled ‘Continued Silence’ which reached the Billboard 200 on number 40. A single ‘Its Time’ was released some time later which again climbed at fifteenth position on the Billboard Hot 100. This single got a double platinum certificate by RIAA.

2012 saw the completion of the first studio album by the band, Night Visions, whose release was destined to take Imagine Dragons to the heights of popularity unimagined before. The album peaked the Billboard 200 chart at number 2 and climbed at number 1 on Billboard Alternative and Rock Album Charts. The album also went on to be certified platinum by the RIAA.

The Road Ahead

Much to the delight of thousands of fans all over the country, the band Imagine Dragons recently announced their ‘Into the Night’ tour, planned early next year for their album Night Vision. The tour will primarily be in North American states, covering twenty different cities. One scheduled performance at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey would also see the rock band share stage with ‘The Naked and Famous’. Despite heavy touring since past couple of months, there seems to be no decrease in fans’ excitement or anticipation for the band’s live concerts. Imagine Dragon tickets are already in high demand and needless to say, this would be another one of the smash hit tours taken by this amazing rock music ensemble.


Did You Know?

  • The single ‘Radioactive’ has spent more than one year on the Billboard Hot 100 consecutively.
  • The band’s performance for TV series Live from the Artists Den has been recorded for the show’s sixth season’s finale.
  • Pollstar has the band Imagine Dragons in their Top 20 Concert Tours list.
  • The single ‘Demons’ has sold more than one million copies, in the United States alone.
  • The band has also started a charity, ‘The Tyler Robinson Foundation’, to help young people battling cancer.