Il Divo A Musical Affair

Il Divo A Musical Affair Tickets

Il Divo Presents the diversity of music through their unusual fusion of classical and pop. The band is credited to revive operatic pop on the international level with their musically sound records. Within a decade of their formation, the group has earned enormous commercial and critical success and aims to achieve more artistic and professional feats in the future. With the release of their most recent studio record, Il Divo will be headlining their live shows in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US. Join them in one of their concerts at your nearest venue to enjoy their peppy live performances.

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Il Divo


Operatic Pop

Hit Songs:

Mama, Regresa a mi (Unbreak My Heart), I Believe in You (Je crois en toi), The Time of Our Lives

Genesis and Debut

The idea of having musicians with different music styles and languages in one band clicked to Simon Cowell after he heard Andrea Bocelli’s Con te partiro. The search for versatile musicians started in 2001 and lasted for almost two years. In December 2003, Il Divo emerged as a four piece band with musicians belonging to France, Switzerland, Spain and America.

Mixing Latin, English, French and Italian with their operatic style of singing, the band released their debut self-titled album in 2004. The album earned unconventional commercial and critical acclaim by topping several international music charts and received Platinum certifications in different countries. Such warm reception from the listeners encouraged them to tour around the country and they rose to national prominence.

Successive Hits

Il Divo’s career soared with their following successful music ventures. Their second album, Ancora came out in 2005 and commercially outperformed than the previous record as it appeared at the top of Billboard 200. The album met with positive reviews and received Gold and Platinum certifications in different countries. The band’s third record, Siempre was released in 2006 and it also went Platinum in various countries including the US. Besides their headlining concert series, they were invited by Barbra Streisand to perform as guests during her Streisand: The Tour. Il Divo: A Musical Affair tickets sold well and made their tour an international success.

Il Divo’s fourth studio album, The Promise marked a stylistic shift in their signature sound and they clinched top chart positions in various countries. Their fifth record, Wicked Game came out in 2011 and it received Gold certifications in UK, Canada and Australia. With their latest experimental album, A Musical Affair, Il Divo has pushed the limits of their musicianship and proved their versatility.

The Quartet

Il Divo consists of four talented musicians with different singing styles and varied vocal range. The band includes American and Swiss tenors, David Miller and Urs Buhler, Spanish baritone, Carlos Marin and French pop star, Sebastein Izambard. Mixing their unique talents in one harmonized sound, the foursome comes up with their signature sound that includes a variety of languages. Apart from the great music arrangements, a beautiful blend of classical and pop is what makes their records special and lovable to the listeners.

Il Divo Live

Known for their eclecticism and lively stage presence, Il Divo’s aura is loved by their fans. The band has experimented with their new album which includes Broadway style of singing and has received an amazing response from the listeners. To celebrate this recent success with their buffs, the band has scheduled their recent streaks of live shows in multiple cities around the world. Be a part of one of their concerts to groove to their greatest hits.


Did You Know…

  • Il Divo holds the 2006 Guinness World Record for the multinational group with most UK No.1 albums.
  • The group’s first album received top five chart position in more than 25 countries worldwide.
  • Il Divo’s second album, Ancora sold over 150,000 units during its first week of release.
  • The band has sold more than 26 million records worldwide since their inception.
  • Il Divo’s The Paraguay Show is band’s biggest concert in terms of capacity and attendance.