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All set to rock the audiences, the music festival This Is Hardcore has got mega names lined up for the eighth installment. Bigger than ever before, this year's event starts off on 8th of August. In addition to acts from the US, the festival will also feature international acts. These include the South Korean band Things We Say and the Australian band Relentless.

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This Is Hardcore


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This Is Hardcore is held annually in Philadelphia and stretches over four days on a weekend. Complete with the high energy activities of stage diving, moshing, crowd surfing and much more it makes for a lot of fun. Also available at hand is the much in demand merchandise. The four day festival started in 2006. Growing in popularity with every passing year the event attracts a large number of music enthusiasts.

The Venue:

Part of the events appeal is its popular Philadelphia venue, the Electric Factory. The indoor theater is the resurrection of the site which has been in use for musical performances since 1968. It has come to be a regarded as one of the most sought after indoor venues for concerts in the US. Spread over two levels the Electric Factory accommodates three thousand people. Impressively built, it boasts of state of art facilities. These include an impressive music system which takes the experience of live music to another level. Several live performance DVDs have also been recorded at the venue. The acts whose DVDs have been recorded at the venue include The Fray, Lamb of God and Underoath.

Past Performances:

In its seven year history the stage of the festival has been graced by several acts. To name a few these include Cro-Mags, Ink & Dagger, Kid Dynamite, Sheer Terror, Starkweather and Ringworm. The festival started off as a three day event but owing to it's wide spread fame it was later spread over four days. Even with the addition of four days the highly in demand This Is Hardcore tickets are mostly sold out.

Current Lineup:

Like always this year's festival also boasts of mega names. Taking the stage would be Pennsylvania's very own Strength For A Reason. Among other acts in this year's event a name that stands out is that of GWAR. Active since mid eighties they have come to be a sought after act. This is the first time that the twice Grammy Award nominated band will perform at the festival. Another prominent band from the eighties 7 Seconds will also perform at the event. Among newer acts Trapped Under Ice and Code Orange Kids will be taking to the stage. The event also features the band Modern Life Is War. They are known for their distinctive music style which combines hardcore sound and melodic hardcore. Altogether the eighth installment will see over fifty bands performing at the festival. A treat for the music lovers this year the band Kill Your Idols will also be performing at the event. Shooting to fame in late nineties the band members went their separate ways in 2007. Now they are all set to rock the audiences at this year's This Is Hardcore. Other bands that will be performing at the festival after making a comeback include Kill Your Idols and Judge.


Reasons To Attend:

  1. The event is one of the biggest hardcore live performances in the US
  2. Allure of comeback performances by the bands Kill Your Idols, GWAR and Judge
  3. State of the art facilities at the venue
  4. The event is one of the last ever performances by the band Kid Dynamite
  5. The wide variety of acts in the lineup