City And Colour And Half Moon Run

City And Colour And Half Moon Run Tickets

The celebrated folk rock singer and songwriter from Canada, City and Colour, or Dallas Green is going to hit the road this Spring for a tour across Canada, along with the fellow artists, Half Moon Run. The dates for the upcoming tour have been announced and the City and Colour & Half Moon Run tickets been put up for sale. Green’s band will arrange thirteen shows, coast to coast, while the rest of the twelve are in collaboration with Half Moon Run. For the folk/indie rock bands, this is the event that must be included to their year’s to-attend-list.

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City and Colour & Half Moon Run


Spring Canadian Tour 2014


Folk/Indie Rock

City and Colour/ Dallas Green

City and Colour, or simply Dallas Green gained fame initially through the band Alexisonfire. He was with the band for eleven years. He started off his City and Colour career by putting up his own compositions on the internet where fans could download them. Over the years, he compiled and edited all these songs and released them in the form of his debut album “Sometimes”, in November of 2005. The album received positive reviews from both the critics and fans. Through his debut album, he developed the repute of being a singer who did well with “sad music” and on the subject he himself reflected that he can connect more with sad tunes than any other.

Green released his second full length studio album in February, three years after the debut one. “Bring Me Your Love” was full of new instruments which had never been used in his music before. These included lap steel, banjo, harmonica and drums. This gave the new album a whole new “folk” touch, which was appreciated by many, while others were still in love with his old style. This album also included many collaborative songs with other singers such as Gordon Downie and Matt Sullivan. In September of the same year, Green along with his City and Colour band embarked on the very first tour across America.

Little Hell to The Hurry And The Harm

After the tour in support of ‘Bring Me Your Love’ finally concluded, City and Colour started working on the third studio album, while continuing with side projects and other live performances. The first single Fragile Bird from the album was released in April of 2011 and reached number one spot on the Canadian charts. This was followed by the release of “Little Hell”, which was received well by the fans who had been waiting for it for a long time. That same year, Alexisonfire announced its official breakup as well. After another year of excessive touring, City and Colour returned to the studio in 2012 to work on its fourth studio album. The album “The Hurry and the Harm” was released in 2013, debuting at number one in Canada and making it to the Top Forty list in several other countries across Europe.

Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run is an indie rock band from Montreal, consisting of four young musicians, Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Isaac Symonds and Dylan Philips. The band was formed in 2010, and has been entertaining its fans through live performances since then. The band faced a lot of trouble financially in the start; however the passion for music kept them going. They have over the years gained the reputation of producing unique sounds.

After a lot of struggle, in 2012 the band’s first studio album by the name of “Dark Eyes” came out through Universal. It was coproduced by Nygel Asselin and Daniel Lagace. It received critical acclaim and earned them a fan following, which led to their tours across Australia and Europe. Apart from their live concerts, they have performed at several festivals as well, including Glastonbury Festival 2013. Currently, the band is supporting City and Colour on their tour across Canada. This year, Half Moon Run plans to tour to Australia once again. They will also be including some dates across Asia in their journey.


Did You Know…

  • Dallas Green is married to the VJ, Leah Miller.
  • The name City and Colour is a play on Green's real name, Dallas being the city and Green a color.
  • City and Colour's album ‘Bring Me Your Love’ gets its name from a short story by Charles Bukowski.
  • All members of Half Run Moon are fans of Sepultura, specially their album ‘Kairos'.
  • Conner Molander is the youngest Half Moon Run member, being 22 years old while the others are 26.