Blackberry Smoke Tickets

Blackberry Smoke is amongst the most prolific southern rock bands to have emerged in the present era. The ensemble currently comprises of the members Richard Turner, Paul Jackson, Brandon Still, Charlie Starr and Brit Turner. They have produced three albums and two EPs to huge acclaim. Keeping up with the tradition of popular acts of the genre such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers, the band is often found touring throughout the year. Recently the musicians came up with their new single ‘Pretty Little Lie’ in 2013. With the rockers out on the road yet again, one can expect another joyful musical ride that encompasses both their new as well as old contributions. Blackberry Smoke tickets for their latest live tour are gaining demand each day.


Blackberry Smoke

Music Style:

Southern rock, country rock, bluegrass

Hit Songs:

Up in Smoke, Ain’t Much Left of Me, Pretty Little Lie, Good One Comin’ On, Testify, Freeborn Man


Singer and guitarist Charlie Starr grew up in a textile mill town in Lanett, Alabama. His family had strong roots in music. One of his uncles, Buford Abner was the lead vocalist of the band Swanee River Boys and a Bluegrass Hall of Famer. His father also played as a member of different bluegrass bands in Alabama. Interest in music hence came naturally to Charlie. When he met Richard Turner and Brit Turner, the musicians started performing as part of a local band called Lonesome Jones. Shortly afterwards, they recruited Paul Jackson and thus Blackberry Smoke was officially formed in the year 2000.

Debut and Following Contributions

Blackberry Smoke released their debut album titled ‘Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime’ under the renowned label, Cock of the Walk Records in 2004. It was produced by Jesse James Dupree, the frontman of the band Jackyl. The collection comprised a total of eleven tracks amongst which ‘Freeborn Man’ and ‘Testify’ gained the most popularity. ‘Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime’ was followed by the record ‘Little Piece of Dixie,’ that was released in 2009. The album carries a country rock flavor that is reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s sound. A country twang is observed in the vocals of Starr while the guitar riffs of Jackson and Starr reflect a carefree approach that is typically evident in the compositions of country rock. One song of the bunch that clearly projects the style of this album is ‘Bottom of This.’ The song is about a man who comes home from work and asks for beer before he can make a conversation about politics or engage himself in domestic chores. Other music contributions by Blackberry Smoke include their third record ‘The Whirlpool’ and two EPs namely ‘New Honky Tonk Bootlegs’ and ‘Little Piece of Dixie EP.’

Stage Rockers

Blackberry Smoke has an extensive touring history. They have given several live performances as both the headlining act as well as supporting act for prominent names of the industry such as the Zac Brown Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the ZZ Top. They performed on more than twenty dates along the Zac Brown Band in 2011. The ensemble is on tour during a large part of the year and is once again set to rock the stage in your city. The event features their latest music offerings as well as the classic hits that are a constant play on the audio systems of rock fans.


Did You Know

  • Blackberry Smoke is currently signed to Southern Ground, Zac Brown Band’s record label.
  • Songs by the band have also featured in video games like EA Sports’ NASCAR 08 and movies like ‘Swing Vote.’
  • The band’s single ‘Freedom Song’ was compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s number ‘Free Bird.’
  • Blackberry Smoke’s album ‘Little Piece of Dixie’ was featured in renowned publications such as the Paste Magazine.
  • In 2012, they performed at a charity event called Boot Ride along the cast of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’