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Backstreet Boys are back and they are back with a bang. The immensely popular boy band has just released its eighth studio album “In a World Like This” after four years. The talented pentad has produced an album with more mature tunes that also feature their much liked and much awaited hooks for the dance floor. This year marks the completion of the second decade for the band, but the popularity enjoyed by this group is as phenomenal as it used to be in its early times.


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Commemorating twenty years of stardom and glory, the Backstreet Boys are not boys anymore, they have grown up and so have their fans and music. The new album “In a World Like This” has tunes talking about love and commitment. The album shows that the famous Backstreet Boys are in no mood to quit the music arena yet.
From Just Boys to ‘Backstreet Boys'
The American vocal harmony group came together in 1993 in Orlando, Florida. The coming together of the five good-looking boys was more like a game of chance. The first performance these five boys gave together as a band was at SeaWorld Orlando in 1993, which was followed by several appearances in restaurants, shopping malls and a high profile charity gala as well. Although, it took the young band some time to find a record label, but they were able to gather quite a fan following with these performances. In 1994, when they were performing at Cleveland, Jeff Fenster and David Renzer spotted and signed them to their first record deal.
Debut and Success
The first single released by the Backstreet Boys “We've Got It Goin' On” could do little in the U.S. music arenas but it did pretty well elsewhere, and hit no.1 in Germany, Switzerland and other places. Their debut album released in 1996, titled, “Backstreet Boys” also received the same response. It climbed the charts everywhere, sold eleven million copies worldwide but got a less warm response in the United States. Finally, the pentad won over the U.S. music fans with their full-length “Backstreet's Back” in 1997. The group topped the pop charts this time and even landed a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.
1999 album “Millennium” put the Backstreet Boys in the limelight as the most popular boy band. The album debuted as the top selling, record breaking album with more than 1.1 million copies sold in the first week after release. The Millennium Tour sold out all its dates in a single day and the album also received five Grammy nominations, including the Best Album.
Present Story
With a vast array of accolades and with more than 130 million albums sold, Backstreet Boys is the only band after Sade to have seven consecutive albums reaching the Top 10 of Billboard Top 200.
Now that the band has released their eighth full length studio album, “In a World Like This”, the group is all set to blaze the music arenas with their incredible tunes and dance beats. With the changing music trends it is not easy for any musical group to maintain its fan following over a long period of time. But as the LA Times' August Brown said, “The Boys will survive any pop-culture apocalypse”, the band has indeed survived and thrived so far.
Despite a long break since their last album, this new release has been received quite warmly on the box office. The album is not a forced evolution but it seems that they have naturally evolved into the new kind of music that constitutes this album. It's subject matter is also different and that just comes naturally as times have changed and the stars and their fans have also grown together.

Did You Know?

  1. A Burger King's promotional campaign involving Backstreet Boys distributed miniature plastic figures of all five boys.
  2. ‘In a World Like This' is a reunion of the band with their founding member Richardson, since 2005 release “Never Gone.”
  3. Comprising entirely of White Middle-class Americans, BSB has had a quite contradictory repertoire including dance club pop, new jack balladry, R&B and hip-hop.
  4. In 1998, Littrell had to undergo a surgery for a minor heart defect.
  5. In addition to seven Grammy Award nominations, Backstreet Boys have also received seven Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and two American Music Awards, among many others.