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Listening or watching your favorite musicians on radio and television can be a great experience, but it is nothing when compared to attending a live concert. Over the past few decades, the concert industry has grown by leaps and bounds. There can hardly be any singer, band or musician who doesn't want to entertain his/her fans through a live performance. Indeed, there are many artists who prefer live gigs over recorded music. Live concerts are the best way to explore the real genius of these music artists and this is the reason why concert tickets have seen an upsurge in recent years.
There are different types of concerts going around the town. There can be a single artist or a music band or a two or more artists performing together. Similarly, the performances can take place in a variety of venues; ranging from nightclubs and concert halls to large amphitheaters and sports stadiums. The nature of the concert also varies based on its genre. For instance, it is possible that there is the same number of concertgoers in a hard rock concert and a country music concert, however, the ambience and feel of both the shows will be entirely different.
While single concerts are surefire crowd pullers, it is concert tours that grab more headlines. Often, the artists and bands host a series of concerts in different locations within the home country and overseas. These concert tours are usually held in the promotion of their recently released albums.
Sometimes a concert involves a huge line-up of artists who continue to perform for several days. This type of concert is known as a festival which is mostly hosted at an outdoor venue due to its colossal size. Some of the renowned festivals include Falls Festival, Coachella, Glastonbury Festival, Big Day Out, Newport Jazz Festival, Rock in Rio, Parachute Music Festival, Rockwave Festival and many others.
A few performers enhance the overall look and feel of the show with state-of-the-art acoustics and expensive multicolored stage lighting that make patterns just in synchrony with the music beats. On top of this, background images and music videos also boost the overall experience for the attendees. Other enhancements include costumes, smoke, fog and theme based make up. A few artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and Bon Jovi are famous for including larger-than-life elements in their live performances. EDM concerts also bring a lot of excitement for music lovers. Here, everyone comes prepared to stand and dance. It is a big party where you can dance like there is no tomorrow. The sound, sets, staging, lighting and costumes create an exciting atmosphere of dancing and moshing among music fans.
Sometimes, the artists and bands give away signed merchandise to the concert enthusiasts during and after the show.  It is amazing to see the musicians connecting with the audience throughout the show. If you want to lighten up your mood, buy concert tickets and watch your favorite or band artist live in front of your eyes.

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