West Side Story Tickets

Sophisticated score, rich thematic background and engaging dance routines are some of the best bits of West Side Story. The musical rejuvenates the classic Shakespearean drama with its fresh theatricality and inventive treatment. The current year marks another addition in its lasting history of shows and it will make a triumphant return to the stage during its recent Broadway Tour. Experience the latest revival of this sensational show in your nearby theater.

Event: West Side Story

Awards: 3 Tony Awards, 2 Theatre World Awards, 1 Drama Desk Awards, 1Grammy

Hit Songs: America, Tonight, A Boy Like That, Maria, Somewhere

Basis and Premiere

West Side Story stems from the famous play Romeo and Juliet by the legendary playwright William Shakespeare. Set in the Upper West Side of the New York in 50s, the show is the story of two lovers who are tangled between the unwanted gang rivalries and other social taboos. Finding love in the center of this dilemma, they try to carry on a relationship but come across a series of incidents as the show proceeds.


The musical debuted on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre in 1957. It earned critical praise as well as positive response from the audience and eventually turned out to be a great success. In the following year the musical won two Tony Awards and came up with many subsequent regional, national and international productions.


Historical Overview and Adaptation

The Broadway success of the show opened the gates for many successive productions and movie adaption. In the December of 1958, the show made its West End debut and began playing at Her Majesty's Theatre. Completing a successful run of 1039 performances, the musical closed in 1961. The same year brought the wonderful story to the silver screen which marked a new chapter of its popularity. Generating raving reviews from the critics, the movie went on to win ten out of eleven Academy Awards.


In 1980, the musical returned to Broadway where it opened at the Minskoff Theatre. With same theatrical elements and design, the show once again took the audiences by storm and it became one of the best Broadway revivals. It won a Drama Desk Award and was also nominated for several Tony Awards. After almost 29 years, the musical yet again hit the Broadway. Featuring a new team of enthusiasts, it revived the original spirit of the musical in a contemporary fashion.


This modern presentation of the musical was equally admired by the audiences and critics. Winning a Tony, Grammy and Theatre World Award, the production expanded the horizons of historical fame of the show. This time around, the musical is ready for its six month engagement and will be playing at Broadway theatres. West Side Story tickets are once again in great demand as it is one of the hottest revivals of the season. Celebrating a wonderful history of more than fifty years, the show will set the stage for grand performances that will be hard to forget.


Feel the Love this Season

The long cherished love story is coming to life once again this season. Filled with spectacular backdrops, perennial hits and heartwarming performances, the musical will take its audiences on an exciting journey, where they will see the world through the eyes of two lovers. Let the love overcome you this season!

Top Reviews

  1. “Startlingly sweet new revival”- The New York Times
  2. “A brilliant evocation of its period and a timeless tragedy of disharmony and hate”- Variety
  3. “Arthur Laurents' Broadway revival proves that the classic musical remains vital after more than 50 years”- TheaterMania
  4. “It snaps, it crackles, it pops! It surges with a roar, its energy and sheer life undiminished by the years”- New York Post
  5. “West End Story gets a cultural makeover”- USA Today