Stomp Tickets

Inventive concepts, rhythmic routines and outrageous acts underline some of the hallmarks of this multiple award-winning show, Stomp. The incomparable instrumentation that comes from trash lids, cans and even brooms describe the novelty of the show. For more than twenty years now, Stomp has reinvented the live musical entertainment with its fresher, funkier and fiercer shows. Embarking on an international tour, the show will be stomping in UK, USA, Australia, Austria and Germany. Don't let this exquisite entertainment let pass by you and attend this must-watch show when it hits your city.

Event: Stomp

Formation: 1991

Popular Routines: Live music, comedy, dance sequences

Stomp- Beginning and Boost  
The wonderful show came to life in Brighten in 1991. Rationalized by the geniuses Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell, Stomp took the world of entertainment by storm. The show wowed a variety of audiences with its universal appeal and synchronized rhythmic beats that came out from mundane objects. The originality of the show garnered the attention of the critics and after a brief run of shows at the Assembly rooms, Stomp picked up Best of the Fringe Award by the Daily Express, UK.
In the coming few years, the show packed venues across the world and won many notable awards. This hype about the show spawned many productions and Stomp spread the charm of its shows in New York, London, Australia, Germany, France and South Africa. Soon it became an international phenomenon and amused large crowds.
Out of the Box Routines
Stomp is known for its brilliant percussion and dance routines that feature mind-blowing choreography and perfectly synchronized sound. Created through things such as matchboxes, bin caps, brooms, drums and tapping, the harmonious sounds of the performers spellbound the audience. The uplifting dance sequences by the lineup compliment the beauty of the show and make it a visual treat for the attendees. Some of the standup acts bring freshness and variety to the show and make it a complete entertainment package for the audiences with diverse tastes. 
Productions, Performances and Awards
Various productions of Stomp in the form of short films, TV specials and touring shows have been created from time to time by Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell. Films and TV shows based on Stomp routines include Brooms, Stomp Out Loud and Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey. These short films were showcased in major film festivals in different parts of the world including Sundance Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Such projects earned critical acclaim as well as various awards. Due to the popularity of the group, Stomp was also featured in a variety of ads for brands like Coca Cola, SEAT and Toyota.
Working with one of the related ensemble, the Stomp brought an orchestral touch in one of its shows called Pandemonium: The Lost and Found Orchestra. In 2007, it was performed at the Sydney Festival and also opened at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Among the most memorable performances given by the group includes one at the grand stage of Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony in 2012. Awards and nominations won by the Stomp include:
  • A Drama Desk and Obie Award for “Most Unique Theatre Experience”
  • An Olivier Award for “Best Choreography in a West End Show”
  • An IMAX Award for “Best Film” (Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey)
  • Brooms was nominated for an Oscar
  • Stomp Out Loud received four Emmy nominations
Stomping Live
As part of their 2013-2014 tour, Stomp will be taking their breathtaking shows to multiple cities worldwide. Feel your heart thump along when the performers stomp the stage with their upbeat rhythm!

Top Five Reviews

  1. Stomp finds beautiful noises in the strangest places- USA Today
  2. A sure-fire crowd pleaser- The New York Times
  3. High-voltage virtuosity- The New Yorker
  4. Entrancing, exhilarating, Terrific- The Independent
  5. An incredible primal journey- Chicago Tribune