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Spiderman Turn Off the Dark is said to be the most expensive Broadway production. It has been making headlines from the time it first took to the stage two years ago.  It has not only continued to give fans a larger than life experience but has also opened new avenues for plays, areas that weren't considered possible to venture into. It is a bold and daring effort that has raised a bar in terms of quality of theatrical productions. The play continues to marvel audiences like only it can.

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Spiderman Turn Off the Dark


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Broadway Debut:


Spiderman Turn Off the Dark is a fantastic musical to say the least. It does not only bring one of the most famous super-hero characters to life but does it in a way that not many people can think of. Since its premier, this stunning musical has continued to wow people of all ages and that trend looks to continue for a long time to come.


The plot of the musical revolves around a guy named Peter Parker. He is in love with Mary Jane Watson, one of the most popular girls in his school. Then while visiting a lab run by Emily and Norman Osborn, Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider. That gives him special powers. On the other hand, Emily dies in unfortunate circumstances which drive Norman to the brink and he converts himself into the Green Goblin intent on taking over New York. That triggers a series of events which turn the entire city upside down.

The Beginning

The team behind Spiderman Turn Off the Dark wanted it to be different than regular stage productions. Bono and The Edge from the legendary band U2 were brought onboard to do music and the lyrics of the play. It turned out to be a masterstroke and generated a lot of interest in the musical. The scale of production was enormous so everything had to be done very carefully. Since nothing of this sort had ever been done before, there were a lot of hardships along the way. Previews began on 28th November, 2010 and went on for a staggering one hundred and eighty two performances to ensure everything was in order before the musical made it to the stage for its commercial debut.

Production History

Curtain was raised for its much awaited Broadway premiere on 14th June, 2011. Thousands of people flocked to see the musical and the excitement led to it earning well over one and a half million dollars in the first week alone. The musical didn't take too long to become a major attraction for tourists visiting New York as well. Spiderman Turn Off the Dark tickets accounted for just short of a whopping three million dollars in sales for nine performances at the end of 2011.


The experience that Spiderman Turn Off the Dark provides is simply out of this world. People watching it live are treated to the breathtaking music, choreography, costumes and performances. There is one more aspect to the show, the aerial stunts. You will get to see the Spiderman taking on the Green Goblin and his squad in aerial stunts while flying all over the arena, sometimes right over your head. A lot of technical excellence and meticulous planning has gone into making all this happen and it shows in form of this exhilarating production. It is a groundbreaking production that will go on to change the way people perceive Broadway. The combination of a famous superhero based plot, U2's music, huge budget, and top notch visual effects will pave to way for further experimentation in the world of theater.

Did You Know?

  • It is estimated that Spiderman Turn Off the Dark took seventy five million dollars to complete which makes it the most expensive Broadway production of all time.
  • It took the team five years to complete the musical.
  • Its one-hundred and eighty-two previews are the most in history.
  • Previews were brought to a halt for a month in between as well to bring major changes to the production due to technical issues.
  • Its nine performance gross of 2.9 million dollars at the end of 2011 set a new Broadway record.