Rain A Tribute To The Beatles Tickets

Experience the progression of The Beatles in one night! Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles has been running successfully for years now and has staged more than 300 Broadway performances till now. A live multi-media presentation, Rain takes the audience on an exciting musical journey that centers on the most celebrated rock/pop band in music history. On February 9th, 2014, the whole world celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ first performance at the famous “The Ed Sullivan Show”. The celebrations are still underway and Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles is among the many shows taking place to pay homage to the legends. Rain will be heading to Bakersfield soon and will perform full range of The Beatles discography.


Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles


Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center


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Rain – The Band

Formed in the 70s as a tribute band to The Beatles, today Rain has the honor of performing longer than the original band. For quite some time Rain performed under the radar, playing the hit songs of their favorite band. Frequent gigs at local clubs and word of mouth led to their popularity, and soon they developed a huge fan following in LA, Orange County area. Fans of The Beatles turned up in huge numbers at the performances, and finally word got to the acclaimed producer Dick Clark, who was looking for musicians to record the soundtrack of the movie “Birth of the Beatles”. After listening to Rain, he didn’t look any further and hired them. It has taken the band years to master the style of the legendary Beatles and now each member can impersonate their style with perfection. Rain not only performs complete rendition of The Beatles’ tracks but also brings to the live stage, challenging and complex songs that the Fab Four never even attempted live themselves. Their unmatched mastery and attention to detail has earned them critical acclaim and Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles tickets sell in advance wherever the show takes place.

The Talented Lineup

Rain the band consists of an all star cast who are all huge fans of The Beatles. It features Joey Curatolo as Paul McCartney, Steve Landes as John Lennon, Ralph Castelli as Ringo Starr and Joe Bithorn as George Harrison. Brooklyn resident, Joey Curatolo grew up listening to classical and opera music. At a very young age he was influenced by The Beatles and learned to play guitar and piano by impersonating the band members. Sounding just like Paul McCartney, he won many contests and joined the cast of the hit musical, Beatlemania. Soon after he became a part of Rain. Another diehard Beatles’ fan, Steve Landes was also among the original cast member of Beatlemania. In the late 90s he joined Rain and since then has been providing vocals, plays the rhythm guitar and also harmonica. His performance of the song “Slow Down” has often earned him a standing ovation. Nobody can impersonate Ringo Starr better than Ralph Castelli. Raised in a musically talented family, he was already playing the drums at the age of six. In his early career he toured with many bands, landed on Beatlemania and in 1986 joined Rain’s lineup. Joe Bithorn is one of those people who watched The Beatles very performance on The Ed Sullivan Show and at that very instance decided to become a musician himself. At three he knew how to sing harmony and today is Rain’s lead guitarist. According to Bithorn, Rain will continue to perform for years to come as there will always be an audience for The Beatles timeless music.


Did You Know…

  • After George Harrison admitted in an interview he liked Jelly Babies, fans would often throw them on stage during their live performance. Once he was hit in the eye.
  • Harrison was once stabbed seven times by an intruder who claimed that God wanted him to kill Harrison.
  • The song Yesterday by The Beatles has been covered more than 1600 times.
  • No member of The Beatles can read music.
  • Ringo and McCartney’s sons were born on the same day but are six years apart.